Silversea’s 12th ship, Silver Nova, will feature the cruise line’s grandest sea-based art collection ever, with more than 1,500 pieces from more than 50 individual artists. The collection has been intricately tailored to complement the ship’s architectural innovations, providing guests exquisite onboard beauty.

The Meyer-Werft-built Nova-class Silver Nova — which embarked on its seven-day maiden voyage on August 14, 2023 from Venice, Italy — will display the largest shipboard art collection the luxury cruise line Silversea has ever created. 

Many of the vessel’s pieces were custom-made to enhance the ship’s unique structural features. One such feature is the ship’s extensive use of glass everywhere (elevators, floors, railings, walls, and more), for brilliant natural light and a sense of space. All of that glass was set up to enhance guest views from every corner of the ship.

Another type of view that this modern 54,700 gross-ton cruising vessel, which can accommodate 728 passengers, will offer is its unparalleled art collection. The collection features approximately 1,800 artworks overall, with pieces created by 59 artists hailing from 25 different nations.

Silver Nova Art Collection (Photo Credit: Silversea)

“The entire Silversea experience is tailored to the interests and expectations of our curious guests,” company president Barbara Muckermann remarked.

Silver Nova’s guests will be treated to a stunning visual expedition, bound to ignite their passion and satisfy their curiosity for artistic journeys.

“Much like our immersive and experience-led voyages – which shine a light on our planet’s most remarkable cultures – our art collection on board Silver Nova was curated by experts to take guests on a visual journey of discovery and self-enrichment,” Muckermann added.

For over three decades, ICArt, a renowned global art consultancy, has specialized in curating unique artistic experiences. The consultancy was tasked with managing Silver Nova’s art collection, and with meticulous attention ICArt handpicked 9 installations, 1,250 framed pieces, and 8 sculptures for the vessel.

In addition to the core collection, ICArt sourced an array of charismatic items as well, including Murano glass vases, antiques, and beautifully crafted books for artistic beauty in every corner.

Silver Nova Art Collection (Photo Credit: Silversea)

Some of the most notable features within Silver Nova’s floating gallery include Steve McCurry’s fascinating photography, which is displayed at key locations in the suite corridors, accompanied by an array of maps sourced from Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the world’s first-ever modern atlas.

Steve McCurry is a longstanding Silversea ambassador, recognized for his photographic brilliance. He is also famous for his iconic portrait of an Afghan girl taken for a 1985 National Geographic cover.

The Messina collection, made up of 38 bronze sculptures by the esteemed Italian artist Francesco Messina, highlights the Novecento style. The Novecento style, or 20th-century style, originated in early 20th-century Italy, and combines traditional craftsmanship with modernist influences.

Silver Nova Art Collection (Photo Credit: Silversea)

Silversea acquired the Messina collection in 2006, and Silver Nova will showcase 14 significant pieces. Notably, the ship’s collection will feature the striking 4.5-foot-tall (1.37m) sculpture, ‘Scuola di Danza.’

Roman-inspired artworks will adorn the Otium Spa and the ship’s two Otium suites; five artworks will be placed inside in each suite. Guests who visit the Otium Spa will be able to gaze upon Venus Fragmentée #2, an exquisite Romanesque plaster bust crafted by the artist Marina Mankarios.

Silversea’s 12th cruise ship, Silver Nova, offers an amazing space-to-guest ratio of 75 gross registered tons (GRT) per guest — the largest in the Silversea fleet. The ship also features an impressive expanse of glass, clocking in at 4,000 square meters.

Silver Nova Art Collection (Photo Credit: Silversea)

The ship is currently finishing her inaugural European season, and on October 16, 2023, Silver Nova is scheduled to reposition from Europe to the Caribbean via an extensive journey that will call on various Mediterranean ports of call and the Azores before turning toward New York. The luxury vessel will spend the winter months in the Caribbean and South America.

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Of special note is a 71-day Grand Expedition of South America starting on January 4, 2024. During the Grand Expedition, Silver Nova will visit 18 different countries, and make stops in vibrant cities such as Buenos Aires, Valparaiso, Montevideo, and Lima, plus an extended stay in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival.

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