Guests returning from recent Royal Caribbean International cruises have reported a concerning question on their post-cruise surveys – whether or not they’d be willing to pay a fee for Sorrento’s Pizza.

While the survey does not indicate that such a charge is imminent, it could be a way the cruise line is feeling out reactions for a possible change to the popular casual dining option.

Many cruise lines offer post-cruise surveys to guests, gauging their experiences and collecting feedback for continual improvement in operations, itineraries, onboard activities, dining options, and more.

Recent Royal Caribbean International cruisers, however, have noticed one very concerning question on surveys – asking whether or not guests would be willing to eat at Sorrento’s Pizza if a fee were added.

Royal Caribbean Pizza Venue (Photo Copyright: Melissa Mayntz / Cruise Hive)

A follow-up question asked for clarification as to whether or not a charge for the pizza would impact travelers’ plans to cruise with Royal Caribbean overall.

No questions about the type of fee – per slice, per pie, per person, per cruise – were included, nor was there any indication that the venue might become part of the cruise line’s specialty dining options to be covered under various dining packages.

At this time, there is no fee for Sorrento’s, and it is possible the survey question has simply been an early way to gauge reaction to the possibility of such a charge.

Reactions to the idea of a fee for pizza that has been free ever since it was introduced onboard have been strong and firm. Most guests would refuse to pay even a very small, nominal fee for the pizza.

In some cases, guests don’t care for the pizza and wouldn’t choose to pay for it at any price, while for others, it is the principle of extra charges that is most aggravating.

This follows recent trends of different cruise lines adding new fees to the main dining room for extra entrees or raising prices on specialty dining options.

Photo Copyright: Melissa Mayntz

Many cruise travelers are becoming frustrated with increased prices coupled with a perceived lowering of service or quality, such as when crew gratuities are increased but daily stateroom service is decreased at nearly the same time. Others have speculated that a small fee for pizza may be used as a deterrent for food waste.

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At this time, no cruise line charges for pizza, though some lines have implemented delivery fees for whole pizzas to be brought to guests, rather than guests visiting the eatery to pick up the pizza themselves. Pizzas ordered through room service may also have associated fees.

Sorrento’s is Royal Caribbean International’s casual pizzeria, offering stone-baked slices for lunch, dinner, and late-night snacks.

Always on the menu are classic staples like pepperoni, cheese, and Margherita, and daily specialties offer even more flavor with the “Caribbean Dream” pineapple, bacon, and barbecue pizza; the hearty meat-loaded “Carnivore” slice; or other delicious creations. The slices are generally thin crust and crispy to perfection, with melty cheese pull and rich with flavor.

Sorrento’s – Royal Promenade

While everyone has different opinions on which cruise line has the best pizza, Sorrento’s enjoys a popular following among cruise and pizza enthusiasts alike, especially children and teens, though many adults partake in more than a few slices.

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At this time, there is no charge for Sorrento’s pizza, and guests can get just a slice or two or may request an entire pie to enjoy.

Sorrento’s is found on most large Royal Caribbean ships, and on smaller vessels where it is not featured, pizza is typically offered through the Windjammer Cafe during regular operating hours.

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