Cruise NewsMSC CruisesRed Sea Tensions Force Cruise Line to Cancel Three Sailings

Due to rising security concerns in the Red Sea, MSC Cruises has canceled three Grand Voyages scheduled for April: MSC Splendida (South Africa to Genoa), MSC Opera (Dubai to Genoa), and MSC Virtuosa (Dubai to Southampton).

These cruise sailings were all Grand Voyages with MSC Cruises, extended cruise itineraries that spanned continents and offer a more immersive experience.

Each of the three itineraries were set to navigate through the Red Sea and Suez Canal.

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Because of Houthi attacks on merchant ships commercial ships have recently opted to sail the long way, all the way around Africa to and from the Mediterranean Sea.

This route is not always a viable solution for cruise ships.

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MSC Splendida – 27-night sailing that was set to depart in South Africa on April 3rd and end in Genoa Italy.
MSC Opera – 21-night sailing that was to depart in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on April 21st and end in Genoa, Italy.
MSC Virtuosa – 23-night sailing from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Southampton, England.

MSC Cruises released a statement about the cancellations, stating that the safety of the passengers and crew was their highest priority and there were no other viable routes for these ships to take.

The three cruise ships that were impacted by this decision will sail to Europe without any passengers on board and without stopping at any ports along the way.  These ships will sail the western route around Africa and ready for the summer cruise reason.

All passengers affected by this decision are in the process of being contacted.  They will be offered the opportunity to change their booking to another Grand Voyage for no additional cost.

Impacted guests will also be given the choice to rebook another cruise with MSC Cruises or receive a full refund.

Cruise NewsMSC CruisesRed Sea Tensions Force Cruise Line to Cancel Three Sailings

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