Nassau Cruise Port experienced its busiest day in history, with an unprecedented number of cruise ships making their way to the Bahamas’ biggest and busiest cruise port. Cruise ships from Carnival Cruise Line, Disney, Royal Caribbean International, and Seacloud all docked at the port on March 12.

The day marked a milestone for the port and the local tourism industry, reflecting the continued popularity of Nassau as a cruise destination, and the effects of the 300 million dollar investments that have been made to the port area in the last years.

It’s not often that a cruise destination can welcome multiple cruise ships on a single day, let alone seven. For the first time, Nassau Cruise Port welcomed seven cruise ships simultaneously, a feat that has not happened before in the history of the port. 

The ships, which included Independence of the Seas, Seacloud Spirit, Carnival Paradise, Disney Wish, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Elation, and Vision of the Seas, brought 20,009 guests to Nassau.

Despite having seen days with a higher number of passengers due to the presence of larger vessels, such as those from the Oasis and Excel classes, the port had never before hosted this number of ships at once. The event required meticulous planning and coordination from the port’s management.

Marquez Williams, Nassau Cruise Port’s operations manager, said: “This is a historic moment for The Bahamas and Nassau Cruise Port,” Williams said. “It’s the first time we’ve had seven ships in port on the same day. This achievement is all thanks to a lot of teamwork. I have to give a big shout-out to the Nassau Harbour Pilot Association – they did a fantastic job maneuvering these vessels into port.

Cruise Ships in Nassau, Bahamas

Mike Maura, Chief Executive Officer, said,March 12th, 2024, will go down in history as an incredible triumph for all Bahamians. Our operations team worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth process for all vessels calling at our port today. I thank our operations team, the Nassau Harbour Pilot Association, and every other team and partner who worked to ensure this successful execution. Today signifies that Nassau remains a highly sought-after tourism destination, and that people still believe it’s better in The Bahamas.

Nassau Cruise Port has six berths for larger cruise ships, which can also accommodate three Oasis-Class vessels simultaneously. With Seacloud Spirit being a decidedly smaller cruise ship, the port was able to accommodate her as well. The previous record for the most ships docked in Nassau was set on March 2, 2022, when six large cruise ships berthed at once.

The capacity to host such a large number of ships and guests simultaneously is the result of a comprehensive four-year makeover of the Nassau Cruise Port. 

The ambitious project represents a $300 million investment, aimed to significantly enhance the port’s infrastructure and facilities. Before the upgrade, the port could accommodate around 20,000 passengers per day. However, with the completion of the renovation, its capacity has increased to a maximum of about 33,000 passengers daily.

Cruise Ships Docked in Nassau, Bahamas (Photo Courtesy: Nassau Cruise Port)

The primary goal of this extensive rejuvenation effort was to boost the tourism industry in The Bahamas. By expanding its capacity, Nassau Cruise Port is not only able to host a greater number of cruise ships but also contributes more significantly to the local economy through increased tourist spending.

Following their calls to the Bahamas, the three Carnival cruise ships, Carnival Elation, Carnival Paradise, and Carnival Liberty continued on their way to Jacksonville, Tampa, and Princess Cays respectively. 

Royal Caribbean International’s cruise ships Independence of the Seas and Vision of the Seas sailed to Falmouth, Jamaica, and Baltimore. Disney Wish sailed to Castaway Cay, Bahamas, and Sea Cloud Spirit is sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe.

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