Norwegian Cruise Line has reached out to booked guests and travel partners to notify them that spa category staterooms are being recategorized, with spa access and thermal suite privileges removed for future bookings.

This will permit more guests onboard to enjoy the facilities regardless of their stateroom category, but may be disappointing for guests who have enjoyed the special privileges associated with stateroom selections.

Guests who enjoy the exclusive spa and thermal suite access associated with “spa” category staterooms onboard Norwegian Cruise Line will no longer be able to book those unique stateroom categories as the cruise line reclassifies certain staterooms.

“In an effort to provide more availability and access to NCL’s Mandara Spa and Salon’s Thermal Suite, Spa Suites in The Haven by Norwegian, Spa Club Balcony, and Spa Balcony Staterooms have been recategorized to traditional Suites, Club Balcony, and Balcony Staterooms,” the notification explained. “This recategorization offers additional capacity in the Thermal Suite to all stateroom categories onboard.”

As of October 3, 2023, guests will no longer be able to book spa category staterooms, though existing bookings will have thermal suite access protected even though reservations will be updated to reflect the new stateroom category designations.

Norwegian Bliss Thermal Suite (Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz)

Spa Balconies (B9) will be recategorized as Balcony (BA); Spa Club Balconies (M9) will be reclassified as Club Balconies (MA), and The Haven Spa Suites (H9) will become The Haven Penthouse Suites with Balcony (H1).

If booked guests with reservations made prior to October 2 have a spa stateroom but change their stateroom number or make other reservation changes that adjust the fare paid for their booking, their complimentary Thermal Suite passes will be voided under the new categorization.

Overall, the reclassification of staterooms will take effect for all sailings departing after January 1, 2024.

Because existing reservations have their Thermal Suite access protected, there is no compensation offered for the stateroom category reclassification. Only new bookings are impacted in that there will no longer be Thermal Suite access included with the staterooms.

Removing the benefit of complimentary Thermal Suite access from certain stateroom categories will disappoint some Norwegian Cruise Line guests, but it will improve the availability of passes for other guests, regardless of the stateroom category booked.

The Thermal Suite onboard Norwegian Cruise Line ships is an adults-only area that offers a variety of self-guided relaxation and wellness experiences, including hot and cold therapies. Saunas, steam rooms, ice and snow rooms, rain showers, salt rooms, and more are part of the Thermal Suite, though exact options vary on different ships.

Render Courtesy: Norwegian Cruise Line

Thalassotherapy pools, which include waterfalls or other sensory additions, as well as breathtaking lounge spaces with heated loungers and panoramic views are also part of many Thermal Suites.

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Access to the Thermal Suite must be purchased with either a day pass or a full-cruise pass. Availability of passes varies on each sailing depending on the overall size of the Thermal Suite, the capacity of the spa facilities, and how fully booked the ship may be for an individual departure.

Passes are limited to preserve the exclusive experience and limit crowding to ensure all guests in the Thermal Suite enjoy a relaxing and peaceful experience.

Guests do not need to purchase a separate spa treatment, such as a massage or facial to access the Thermal Suite, and access to the ship’s fitness center is free of charge to all passengers, with or without Thermal Suite access.

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