The importance of being able to watch sports among cruise ship passengers has been highlighted by a new study conducted by Royal Caribbean International. 

The study unveils fascinating insights into the habits and preferences of cruise guests across Europe, especially among Spaniards, who are revealed to be the most sports-enthusiastic of all the nationalities surveyed. 

Are you the kind of person that must watch their favorite sports while on a cruise, no matter what? You’re not alone, according to a recent Royal Caribbean survey. 

According to the study, conducted in collaboration with OnePoll and involving 14,000 respondents across Spain, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Sweden, an impressive 37% of Spaniards plan to follow sports competitions during their vacations this year.

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Formula 1 takes the lead, with 47% of cruise passengers from Spain planning to watch races while onboard, most likely due to the ever-increasing popularity of star F1 driver Fernando Alonso, who hails from Spain. The racing is followed by Premier League Football at 27% and Wimbledon at 22%. 

Among youngsters and women, the Women’s World Cup soccer, which concluded on August 20 with a win for Spain, ranks highly.

The study further shows that sports engagement is even more significant among Spanish youth, with 50% of those under 34 planning to follow sports on a cruise. 

However, it’s not just watching sports that ranks highly while on a cruise. The opportunities to participate in sports while onboard are an essential part of choosing a cruise.

F1 Racing (Photo Credit: cristiano barni / Shutterstock)

61% of Spaniards wish for more opportunities for their children to engage in sports during vacations, outpacing the UK at 51%. 23% of Spaniards actively engage in sports during vacation, and 28% specifically travel to enjoy live sports. 

Sergio Arevalo, head of sales for Spain at Royal Caribbean International, explains the appeal:“Royal Caribbean vacations offer everything sports fans of all ages could ask for in a getaway. Not only can you watch sports together, but you can also do sports together.” 

“With 140 surfboards, more than 1,015 ice skates, 660 golf clubs, and more on ships like Symphony of the Seas, there’s a wide range of sports to enjoy onboard for friends and family to play or cheer from the stands as they bond and create vacation memories.”

Of course, Royal Caribbean wouldn’t release a sports survey without good reason. With eight cruise ships sailing in Europe next summer from nine homeports, the cruise line is eager to draw in the crowds while ensuring they won’t have to miss their favorite sports during their cruise.

Royal Caribbean’s ships provide extensive facilities for both watching and participating in sports. Guests can catch the live action of summer sporting events at popular venues like Playmakers.

Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean

For those who want to participate, Royal Caribbean offers many sports activities, including climbing walls, zip lines, surf simulators, and basketball courts. 

Royal Caribbean will cover the entire of Europe next summer, with cruises onboard Anthem of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Jewel of the Seas, Serenade of the Seas, Odyssey of the Seas, Voyage of the Seas, and Explorer of the Seas

Destinations include Mediterranean destinations such as Spain, Italy, France, Malta, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey. Ships will also sail to Northern Europe and the Baltic, Iceland, and Western European destinations such as The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. 

Guests are unlikely to find all sports matches streamed onboard. However, internet speeds have improved in the last year or so onboard cruise ships, especially with the release of Starlink Maritime, so keeping up to date with your favorite sports team will likely be fine.

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