Prospective guests have spotted a new and unique party rental option on Half Moon Cay, Carnival Cruise Line’s private island destination in the Bahamas.

“Party Banas” and “Picnic Banas” are now available for reservations, offering a bit of fun floating for cruise guests to enjoy during their time at the tropical port of call.

New “Bana” rentals are now available for guests visiting Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas. The inflatable rentals are a great option for families or groups, as each can accommodate up to six cruise guests for a single fee.

The “Party Bana” is described as “the ultimate inflatable platform for your private island on the water” while the “Picnic Bana” is “a platform designed to celebrate fun and original events on the sea.” Both rentals include snacks and are all-day rentals (listed as five hours) for guests to enjoy at their leisure while they visit Half Moon Cay.

These rentals don’t come cheaply, however, as the Party Bana is $349.99 (USD) and the Picnic Bana is offered at $449.99 per rental.

Carnival Cruise Line’s shore excursion descriptions don’t differentiate much between the two types of rentals, but the manufacturer’s website shows that the “Picnic” design appears to be a larger space that includes both covered and sundeck-style spaces on the inflatable floating platform.

Carnival’s Half Moon Cay Banas

Both Banas have a central table and inflatable backrests for casual lounging, and provide a great space for groups to gather.

Upon arrival to Half Moon Cay, guests who have rented either a Party or Picnic Bana will need to present their shore excursion ticket to the Watersport Rentals Hut to be assigned their Bana.

These floating platforms will undoubtedly be limited, so guests interested in the experience should book their Bana early to ensure their reservation. Guests should bring beach towels along with them to enjoy their Banas.

At the moment, the Banas are only available on Half Moon Cay, and do not appear to be an option on Carnival Cruise Line’s other private island, Princess Cays.

As yet, there have been no announcements of shore excursions or rental options for the upcoming Celebration Key, which may or may not feature the Banas when it opens in July 2025.

According to the AquaBanas website, both the Party and Picnic designs feature non-slip surfaces and ballast bags to ensure safety and stability while enjoying a leisurely float. Integrated steps permit easier entrance from the water, and both designs have a cooler cutout to keep drinks safe.

Half Moon Cay Banas (Photo Credit: Carnival Cruise Line)

The smaller Party Bana measures 11 feet (3.35 meters) per side; while the longer Picnic Bana is 11 feet by 18 feet (3.35 m by 5.48 m), with the extra footage as the sunbathing part of the platform.

As these rentals are still new to Half Moon Cay, it is not yet known whether the designs will be customized for Carnival Cruise Line or if extra amenities such as sodas, water, or other floating accessories like snorkels may be included with the rental fee.

Reaction is mixed to the Bana rental options, with some cruisers unconvinced that the hefty price tag will be worthwhile for a floating platform. Others are excited about the prospect and looking forward to a fun, designated space for swimming and enjoying the crystal clear waters of Half Moon Cay.

One concern is whether or not the platforms are anchored and what may happen if they inadvertently float too far from shore while in use. Both designs do include anchoring and mooring points underneath the floating platform that could keep the structures from drifting away.

The introduction of the Banas comes just as air conditioning has been removed from both the Villa and Cabana rentals on Half Moon Cay, a decision that has likewise met mixed reactions from guests. The loss of that amenity makes the rental options less attractive to some cruisers, who preferred the private space to cool off in, especially on warmer summer days.

Earlier this year, the rental prices for the Villas and Cabanas were dramatically increased, and there has been so indication that the prices will decrease now without air conditioning. Meanwhile, the Banas are offered at half the rental price of the onshore Villas and Cabanas.

Will the new Banas soon replace those rental options in popularity, or will this be a limited-time test to see whether they can be a success or not?

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