Villa Vie Residences, a new world cruise brand, has unveiled more details about its visionary global voyage concept. Starting in May 2024, the company will sail around the world every three and a half years, visiting more than 420 ports of call, and is inviting interested guests to take up residence onboard to join the journey.

Villa Vie Residences, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has released more information about its innovative world-traversing vision.

Villa Vie — an upgraded and redesigned cruising vessel — will embark on a global journey every three-and-a-half years. This ongoing journey has been billed as a “Perpetual, Circumnavigating the World Every 3.5 Years” voyage. 

During its extended expeditions, the ship will visit over 420 ports across 147 countries spanning all seven continents. The company is offering onboard residents a variety of extraordinary journeys aboard this continuous world cruise — with “shorter” itineraries available in customizable segments as well, lasting anywhere from just over a month to four months in total.

“Villa Vie Residences is not just a cruise; it’s a lifestyle reimagined,” CEO Mikael Petterson explained. “With the launch of our new brand, we are empowering travelers to make the world their home, all while enjoying unmatched luxury and flexibility.”

Each onboard residence will be equipped with a queen-size bed, a private bathroom stocked with amenities, work areas for digital nomads and workaholics, plus high-speed internet access. Residential cabins are also complemented with around-the-clock cabin service.

Villa Vie’s Residences’ ownership program seeks to empower travelers to embrace a truly global lifestyle by letting them purchase an exclusive cabin at sea. 

These well-appointed cabins have been designed to serve as luxurious retreats for anyone who yearns to make the world’s oceans — and some of the planet’s most spectacular holiday destinations — their permanent, yet everchanging abode. 

Villa Vie Culinary Arts Center (Render Courtesy: Villa Vie Residences)

Instead of merely renting out a space on a cruise ship, you will have the opportunity to become its owner (your cabin, not the entire ship).

Pricing for residential cabins begins at $99,999 USD. Moreover, you’ll also have the option to lease out your cabin when you’re not on board — letting you maximize the cabin’s utility while generating income on the side as well.

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Furthermore, family and friends can come and visit you and enjoy your premium oceanfront real estate at no additional expense, save for port taxes, gratuities, and fees.

For globetrotters who aren’t quite ready — or willing — to fork over all that cash or digital currency to buy their own cabin, Villa Vie Residences has options for them as well.

To cater to the heightened adaptability (travel-wise) requirements of discerning travelers, Villa Vie has unveiled its “Voyagers Program.” 

The Voyagers Program will let travelers handpick segments out of the comprehensive 1,301-day world cruise itinerary. These individual segments range from 35-120 days. Villa Vie Residences has carefully curated 16 distinct segments for would-be guests to choose from, for the ultimate in flexibility and customization for different travel desires.

If you don’t have the time or the funds to invest in a 3.5-year cruise, Voyagers Program segments can be booked at a rate of $89 per day per passenger.

In May 2024, Villa Vie Residences is scheduled to commence its first 1,301-day global journey. The company plans to reveal more details about the vessel and its schedule as soon as more information becomes available. At the moment, the “upgraded and redesigned ship” has not been announced.

Greenland Fjords (Photo Courtesy: Markus Trienke / Flickr)

With over 420 ports to visit, the itinerary will be vast, to say the least. A few highlights include the fjords of Greenland in Northern Europe and the mesmerizing Northern Lights; the sun-drenched Caribbean; and the lively Mediterranean.

The ship will also be visiting cities in South America like Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Florianopolis, Santos, and Rio De Janeiro; exotic spots like Bali in the South Pacific; Auckland, and Wellington in New Zealand; Tasmania in Australia; and bustling cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Ho Chi Minh City in Asia; along with many other global destinations.

The Florida-based company plans to offer its residents (cabin owners) and guests an all-inclusive luxurious shipboard lifestyle.

Some of the amenities include a pet spa & resort, a modern fitness center, a high-tech business hub, culinary arts classes, live entertainment options, and more. Complimentary services include housekeeping, laundry, and round-the-clock medical support.

Recycling, material repurposing, eco-tourism, energy-saving waste management, sustainable material use, as well as other green initiatives and energy-saving technology, are just some of the endeavors the company is implementing or plans to use in the future to create holistic, eco-conscious global cruises for its guests.

Stay tuned for more details on this innovative cruise concept as they are confirmed!

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