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Take a look at March 2024 American Casino Guide Book Newsletter



March 2024 Newsletter

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Here’s the latest news for March from the American Casino Guide Book and The Jackpot Gents.

In this month’s video we interview Anthony Curtis from the Las Vegas Advisor newsletter to get an update on what’s happening in Vegas!

We also have an extra video this month! It’s a 3-minute video that’s a quiz on casino gambling. Are you smart enough to know the answers?

Don’t forget that we release a new video every day showing us playing video poker live in a casino!

And, finally, we continue to add more information about video poker on thejackpotgents.com website, including FREE video poker strategy charts! 

Look below for full details on all of these stories from this month’s newsletter!


Steve and Matt BourieThe Jackpot Gents American Casino Guide Book

25 FREE Casino Coupons For 2024!  

The American Casino Guide Book has updated our FREE casino coupons to use in 2024.

Use the link below to stay up to date on all of our great money-saving coupons. We have 25 coupons now and we expect to add more in the future!  

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March Video: Las Vegas Casino News Update!

Matt and Steve interview Anthony Curtis from the Las Vegas Advisor newsletter about what new is happening with Las Vegas casinos.

They speak about how Las Vegas was during Formula 1 and the Super Bowl, the opening of FontaineBleau Las Vegas, which are the best casinos to gamble at in Vegas and much more.

Watch the “Las Vegas Casino News Update” Now!

Test Your Knowledge With Our Five-Question Casino Quiz Video!

Do you think you know a lot about casino gambling?

Then, be sure to take our quick three-minute video casino quiz to test your gambling knowledge on five basic casino questions. Good luck!

Go To The Quickie Casino Quiz Video!!

Download FREE Video Poker Strategy Charts!

We have been adding new video poker content to The Jackpot Gents website.

We have two especially helpful sections where you can get details on pay tables and and you can also download strategy charts for the most popular video poker games. The best part is it’s all FREE!

Click the link below to check out all of this great information – all for FREE!

Learn to Play Video Poker Like a Pro For Free!

The Jackpot Gents Release a NEW Video Every Day! Watch Them Play Video Poker!

Steve and Matt Bourie, also known as The Jackpot Gents, release a new video every day at 9:30 a.m. EST, showing their video poker play in a real casino!

They play for about 20 minutes and at the end of each video they show you their results for that day, as well as give a win/loss total on how they are doing for the year.

Steve and Matt usually bet $25 per spin, but they will sometimes bet as much as $125 per spin on hundred play games! Click below to learn more!

Visit The Jackpot Gents YouTube Channel

Find The Best March, 2024 Casino Promotions In Las Vegas!

Did you know that each month we publish a list of all the best casino promotions for Las Vegas?

Read the Vegas Values Now

See you next month!

American Casino Guide Team

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