Celebrity Cruises is bringing back Zenith member access to onboard Retreat Lounges and Michael’s Clubs, giving guests that elite option for a quiet, peaceful place to relax and unwind. This decision will be a positive development for many loyal cruisers, but may also have difficulties on especially popular sailings.

Celebrity Cruises has reached out to loyal guests with the news that Zenith member access to the Retreat Lounge (or Michael’s Club, depending on the vessel) will be reinstated, effective immediately. This gives top tier members of the Captain’s Club that exclusive access to a very elite space and the features it includes.

The announcement was made during an online Q&A session with Celebrity Cruises president Laura Hodges Bethge.

“In my time as President of Celebrity Cruises, it became clear to me how important this benefit is to our Zenith members,” said Hodges Bethge. “Therefore, it was important for me to find a way to bring it back.”

It is important to note that there may be difficulties with the access, depending on how many of the cruise line’s most loyal guests are present on individual sailings.

Celebrity Beyond The Retreat

“Given the limited space in the Retreat Lounge/Michael’s Club, there may be certain sailings where we must open auxiliary lounge spaces to accommodate large numbers of members,” Hodges Bethge explained.

No details have been provided about what type of “auxiliary lounge spaces” may be offered on more popular sailings, or whether those spaces will be limited to Zenith members while the Retreat Lounge would then be reserved for guests of The Retreat.

Access to the Retreat Lounge is a sought after benefit because of the exclusivity of the space, particularly on more crowded sailings when it can be challenging to find a quieter space to relax.

The Retreat Lounge is an exclusive space for guests of The Retreat, Celebrity Cruises’ “ship-in-a-ship” concept that bundles elite services, exclusive spaces, and luxury staterooms to provide a more all-inclusive experience for travelers.

Now, guests who have reached the Zenith level of the Captain’s Club will also have access to the lounge, even if they are not staying in The Retreat.

The lounge includes complimentary beverages, gourmet snacks, and an afternoon tea, all amidst stylish décor for the ultimate in restfulness. A dedicated concierge is on hand to answer questions or arrange services such as dinner reservations, spa treatments, and more as needed.

The Retreat Lounge

The Retreat Lounge is open 24 hours a day, though concierge service times can vary based on each ship’s itinerary and staffing needs.

On “non-revolutionized” ships that lack The Retreat, the Retreat Lounge is known as Michael’s Lounge and offers similar services, but without the connection to The Retreat.

By definition, “zenith” is “a highest point or state” and indeed, Zenith is the highest level of Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club loyalty program, requiring 3,000 or more club points. Cruisers earn points on every sailing, with different points earned depending on the type of stateroom booked.

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For example, if only inside or ocean view cabins are booked – which earn two club points per night – it would take 1,500 cruise nights or 500 3-night cruises to reach Zenith level. If booking Iconic suites, however – which earn 24 club points per night – it would take “just” 125 cruise nights or 42 3-night cruises to reach that loyalty level.

At the Zenith level, not only do cruisers get access to the Retreat Lounge, but also other amazing benefits such as complimentary drink packages, a variety of members-only onboard events, significant discounts on specialty dining and photo packages, free unlimited wash/dry/fold laundry services, and much more.

The most extravagant benefit is that upon reaching Zenith level, guests receive a complimentary 7-night Caribbean or Bermuda cruise in a Veranda stateroom. When doubling Zenith and reaching 6,000 points, the free cruise is upgraded to an AquaClass stateroom.

What a great reason to strive for Zenith level and have even more opportunity to enjoy the Retreat Lounge!

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