When it comes to dining on Celebrity Ascent there are plenty of specialty restaurants to tantalize your taste buds.   And we will look at all of them to see what it costs and what kind of menu and experience you can expect.

This is on top of some great included dining experiences like the four main dining rooms that each offer a distinct style and flavor.

Photo credit: Cruise Fever

I’m currently writing this while on a short pre-inaugural cruise on Celebrity Ascent, so the flavors of some of these restaurants are still fresh on my mind.

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Before we get into the specialty dining venues on Celebrity Ascent here are the four main dining rooms you will find on board Ascent and what kind of experience you can expect there.  Each offers a standard menu with the addition of its own menu that caters to a variety of tastes.

Cosmopolitan Restaurant – Globally inspired cuisine with a new American flare.
Cyprus Restaurant – Mediterranean cuisine with a special emphasis on Celebrity’s Greek heritage, the beautiful design is based on Aphrodite.
Normandie Restaurant – French-inspired cuisine with subtle hints of the Murano dining experience available on other Celebrity ships.
Tuscan Restaurant – Italian cuisine that was inspired by the popular Tuscan Grille on Celebrity ships.

Celebrity Edge Series ships also have one my personal favorite buffet areas on any cruise ship.  Not only is there a ton of selection but the quality and freshness of the scrumptious goodies at the Oceanview Café keep me wandering into this space several times a day.

On top of that the back of the buffet opens up to the outside of the ship where you can simply walk up the stairs to the Rooftop Garden or hang out in the newly designed seating at the Sunset Bar.  This whole area is already very popular with guests, and I can see why after experiencing it.

Eden Restaurant

Eden restaurant on Celebrity Ascent (Photo credit: Cruise Fever)

At Eden Restaurant think casual yet exquisite dining without borders.  Plus, you get some of the best views on the ship with tables placed near the huge aft windows.  Located on deck 5 aft, Eden offers two menus with a newly crafted vegan menu that has been added by Michelin-starred chefs.

I just enjoyed a tasting from Eden Restaurant and the flavors were vibrant and fresh.  Any foodie will love eating here.

You have the choice of ordering a la cart or going on a culinary adventure with a 7 course Tasting Menu.  The charge is $60 for the Tasting Menu and includes foods and flavors from all over the world.  While the menu is modern the setting is casual, so no stuffiness here.

Eden Restaurant is located in one of my favorite areas of the ship as there’s often relaxing music playing here and you can walk all 3 levels of the area to find a cozy spot to take in the views or read a book.  Eden Cafe is another place to eat for quick pick ups, some coffee, or a light snack and it’s open during most of the daytime hours.

Fine Cut Steakhouse

Fine Cut Steakhouse on Celebrity Ascent (Photo credit: Cruise Fever)

I just ate at Fine Cut Steakhouse tonight so I’m writing this section of the article with fresh memories of my ribeye steak and strawberry cheesecake still lingering in my mind.

Located on deck 5 midship, the steakhouse on Celebrity Ascent is in the heart of the ship, right above the Grand Plaza.  Panoramic views welcome steak lovers and seafood lovers alike as they dine at Fine Cut Steakhouse.   In fact, one side of the 5,759 sq. ft. steakhouse is all floor to ceiling windows that look out over the ocean.

The dimly lit restaurant with its leather upholstery and classic design is unmistakably a steakhouse.  And there are six tables for two that look right over the Grand Plaza.  The unique circular design that encases these settings are noticeable right away.

But even if you don’t have a seat that looks into the Grand Plaza with all its live music don’t worry.  Some of the live music walked right into our venue as we ate, as two instrumentalists waltzed around some of the tables, violins in hand.  Seating capacity is just shy of 150 by the way.

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From filet mignon and ribeye steaks to lobster tail and lamb chops, meat-lovers should have no problem finding a cut of meat just for them.  There are even more premium selections like 45 days dry aged cuts of steaks for an extra charge.

The cost is $55 per person with a 20% additional service charge.  See the Fine Cut Steakhouse menu here.

Le Grand Bistro

Le Grand Bistro on Celebrity Ascent (Photo credit: Cruise Fever)

Le Grand Bistro wears a couple hats.  During the day it’s a classic French bistro with croissants and macaroons a plenty.  Even if you don’t want to sit down for a light lunch you can grab some freshly made items from the bakery by walking up to the counter.

By night the lights are dimmed, and each table is transformed into a canvas with 3D art projected onto the surface as you watch a little chef prepare your virtual meal right before your actual meal is presented by the wait staff.

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La Petite Chef is a unique experience unlike any other on a cruise ship.  And while the animation is cutesy and funny, the menu itself was crafted by a Michelin Star Chef.

Make sure you look over the menu ahead of time if you’re a picky eater or have dietary restrictions and know there is a special menu for those with these needs as well.

Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

While the food is delicious, the playful animation and uniqueness of this eatery draws most of the attention.  You should try it at least once if you’d like a whimsical diner that puts a smile on your face.

You can see one of the menus on Celebrity’s website here.  The cost is $55 per person for a La Petite Chef diner.

Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud

Le Voyage restaurant on Celebrity Ascent. Photo credit: Cruise Fever

Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud is a specialty restaurant on Celebrity Ascent that offers a global culinary experience.   Think of this fine dining experience more like an excursion than a place to eat.

The restaurant is designed by Jouin Manku and features soft hues, plush seating, and a captivating entryway right off the Grand Plaza on deck 4. The menu features dishes inspired by Chef Boulud’s travels, and the ambiance is designed to make you feel like you’re not even on a ship but in some remote corner of the world.

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At $75 per person (plus gratuity) for the 3-cours meal Le Voyage is the most expensive place to eat on the ship and reservations can fill up quickly for this 50-person dining venue.

Raw on 5

Raw on 5 on Celebrity Ascent. Photo credit: Cruise Fever

Sushi lovers have made Raw on 5 one of the most popular eating venues with Celebrity.  The specialty restaurant is known for its chic and sophisticated atmosphere and menu that was crafted by expert sushi chef Yoshikazu “Yoshi” Okada.

At Raw on 5 you can take a culinary adventure with a hand-rolled sushi creation or nigiri showcasing albacore, shrimp, eel, and other fresh treasures, or savor the purity of yellowtail, salmon, and octopus sashimi.

The pricing at Raw on 5 is a la carte with a price range of $4 – $18 per item, depending on what you get.

See the Raw on 5 menu here.  This restaurant is usually open for both lunch and dinner.

Rooftop Garden Grill

Rooftop Garden Grill on Celebrity Ascent (Photo credit: Cruise Fever)

After eating at Rooftop Garden Grill last night, it’s quickly become one of my favorite places to eat on Celebrity Ascent.

First, let’s start with the ambiance.  It doesn’t get much better than eating at Rooftop Garden.  The views are amazing, you can experience the sea breezes at this al fresco eatery as you enjoy your appetizer, and the vertical glass panels help break up the breeze from being too gusty.

Located on deck 15, you’re practically as high as you can go on Celebrity Ascent when dining at Rooftop Garden Grill.

The menu gave me a homey and comfort-food vibe with offerings that varied from ribeye steaks and filet mignon to macaroni and cheese and smoked pork.  The drinking glasses are mason jars, and after living in North Carolina for a while now I felt right at home.  By the way, the pulled pork sliders as an appetizer were a very good choice in my opinion.

If you want to eat at this restaurant for lunch, it’s a great choice too, as the burgers here are really well made, and you can also order one of these burgers for dinner.

The cost to eat here is $45 per person for dinner and $25 per person for lunch with gratuities adding to the cost.  This is the lowest cost specialty dining venue on board.

Celebrity Ascent Restaurants Included in Different Stateroom Categories

Blu is a restaurant on Celebrity Ascent that is just for Aqua Class guests. (Photo credit: Cruise Fever)

Two of the most sought-after places to eat on the ship are reserved only for guests of a certain cabin category.  Blu is reserved for guests in the Aqua Class staterooms.  The fresh, healthy, and bold offerings of the Blu restaurant are paired with another perk for Aqua Class guests: complimentary access to the thermal suite.

Luminae is the restaurant on board for suite guests.  I had the chance to eat at Luminae while sailing Celebrity Silhouette and really enjoyed the experience.  In fact, every night I couldn’t wait to meet our server for another round of amazing food.

This current trip (2 day cruise) was too short to eat at Luminae this time around, and I will admit my biggest disappointment on this sailing is not getting to eat at my personal favorite restaurant on board a Celebrity ship –right next to Rooftop Garden Grille and Eden Restaurant of course.

Other Notable Places to Eat

Oceanview Cafe
Craft Social Bar
Café al Bacio
Eden Cafe
Room Service

 *I was an invited guest on this Celebrity Ascent pre-inaugural sailing.  The sailing was out of Port Everglades and was a 2-night cruise.

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