Breakfast on a Carnival Cruise Line ship offers a variety of options, with omelets being a popular choice.

However, recent changes at the omelet station have caused some confusion and disappointment among guests.

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Previously, passengers enjoyed customizing their omelets with a variety of ingredients like bacon, mushrooms, spinach, and more.

Now, the selection has been streamlined to three pre-set options: cheese, ham and cheese, and a vegetable omelet with bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

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Heald Explains the Change

John Heald, Carnival’s Brand Ambassador, addressed the situation on Facebook.

Heald explained that streamlining the omelet menu with pre-set options is intended to reduce wait times at the busy breakfast station.

He emphasized that cruisers still have a wide variety of other breakfast choices available throughout the ship, including the Lido Marketplace buffet and the Main Dining Room’s options like scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, and more, depending on the day.

Omelet station on Carnival Celebration with multiple options for omelet ingredients.

Heald Responds to Feedback

While many guests have expressed understanding and support for the changes, others have voiced their disappointment. Heald addressed these concerns in a video, emphasizing that the core omelet options remain: plain, cheese, ham and cheese, vegetarian, and egg white. Additionally, guests can still order other egg preparations like sunny side up and over easy.

“It’s also important to note that we have a lot of other delicious breakfast options available, both in the Lido Marketplace and the Main Dining Room,” Heald added. “There are scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, and more.”

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He also mentioned that in the last six days he has replied to over 3,500 comments, showing his dedication to answer any concerns Carnival cruisers may have.

Humor in the Face of Negativity

Heald maintained his signature dry humor throughout the video, addressing negativity with a light touch. He expressed disappointment in those who made personal attacks, particularly involving his family. He emphasized that while he welcomes feedback, negativity and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Heald Addresses Ugly Comments

“I also want to mention finally, eggs,” Heald said in his video. “It will be stupid of me and ridiculous of me not to mention it. I never thought I’d be spending time being screamed at and called all sorts of names because of … eggs.”

“Some of you have been very nice,” he continued. “Some of you have been a little disappointed and wanted to call me all sorts of names. And a few people made some really awful comments to me about — not just me, I don’t care what you say about me, I’ve said that a thousand times. But bringing my family into this? Why? What’s that got to do with an omelet?”

Plenty of Breakfast Choices Remain

Despite the changes to the omelet station, Heald assures guests that they still have hundreds of breakfast options available. From the Lido buffet to the dining room’s brunch and port day breakfast, cruisers can enjoy a diverse and delicious morning meal.

“We will carry on making sure you have hundreds of breakfast choices,” Heald stated. “You literally do when you think about all the different food that is available at breakfast, on the lido and down in the dining room for brunch and port day breakfast, there is plenty for you to enjoy.”

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Heald concluded with a bit of dry humor, saying the company will continue to advocate for guest concerns and ensured their voices are heard.

“If you are going to be nasty to me this week that’s fine,” Heald said. “If you bring my family into it like a few of you did — I have a warning for you: I have now watched season one of how to get away with murder.”

And with a blank stare and slight smirk, Heald signed off.

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