Just two days before the Thanksgiving festivities begin, Carnival Cruise Line revealed some spectacular food quantities that will be consumed onboard Carnival ships this year, including 48,000 pounds of turkey. The cruise line is set to create a Thanksgiving feast of epic proportions, marking the largest celebration in its 51-year history.

The culinary spectacle is not just about the sheer volume of food but also includes a new approach to accommodate diverse dietary preferences. For those guests who prefer a vegan option, Carnival Cruise Line is offering a special menu with all-plant-based protein for the first time.

Guests sailing onboard a Carnival Cruise ship this Thanksgiving will be able to enjoy the feast as they would at home. The cruise line announced a culinary spectacle that surpasses onboard Thanksgiving celebrations of the past.

At the heart of the celebration, an astonishing 48,000 pounds of turkey will be prepared, a 14% increase from the previous year. This is equivalent to approximately 3,200 turkeys, at an average weight of 15 pounds per turkey. The feast will cater to over 110,000 guests and team members, promising an unparalleled dining experience.

Carnival Cruise Line Thanksgiving Turkey

Twenty-three cruise ships currently operational in Carnival’s fleet will be celebrating Thanksgiving, including Carnival Luminosa in Papua-New Guinea, Carnival Splendor in New Zealand, Carnival Radiance while she makes her way back to Los Angeles coming from the Mexican Riviera, and all the cruise ships sailing in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, including Mardi Gras, Carnival Celebration, and more.

Carnival Panorama is currently undergoing repairs on its propulsion systems, and Carnival Jubilee won’t be joining the fleet until December 2023.

The culinary team at Carnival Cruise Line has carefully created the Thanksgiving menu, blending tradition with gastronomic delights and incorporating modern elements.

The centerpiece of the feast served onboard the 23 cruise ships is 48,000 pounds of turkey, complemented by over 600 gallons of turkey gravy and more than 6,600 pounds of savory turkey stuffing. Not to be missed, 2,200 pounds of cranberry sauce will be served onboard.

Carnival Cruise Line Thanksgiving

For dessert, Carnival will be serving 20,900 portions of pumpkin pie and around 24,800 portions of pecan pie, offering a sweet end to the meal.

In a nod to evolving dietary trends and preferences, Carnival is also introducing its first all-vegan offerings for Thanksgiving. This initiative features a range of plant-based protein options, following guest feedback and the growing availability of healthy meat alternatives in the market.

Carnival Cruise Line Thanksgiving

Carnival’s Thanksgiving celebration is more than just a meal with friends and family. Guests aboard the Carnival fleet will not only savor the delicious food, the cruise line has planned out an evening of fun for the entire family following Thanksgiving dinner. Guests can partake in a Thanksgiving-themed round of trivia and a fun duck hunt.

Those hoping to partake in a Thanksgiving dinner onboard will need to be on a cruise that departs before or on November 23, the dinner will only be available on Thanksgiving. 

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