Carnival Cruise Line has responded to yet another rumor circulating on social media, debunking the concern and urging guests to avoid believing or perpetuating unfounded information spread through unofficial websites or fan groups. This time, the rumor involves nothing more or less than water, pure and simple.

The rumor currently persisting through social media is the idea that Carnival Cruise Line will no longer provide distilled water for use in guests’ CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines.

CPAP machines are essential therapy to treat moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea, in which airways can become blocked or collapse during sleep. Various designs of these machines are available depending on individual needs and preferences, but nearly all require distilled water as part of a humidifier component, which helps reduce dry mouth and nasal congestion.

Using tap water in a CPAP can cause contamination and may compromise the machine’s operation, while running it without water could cause the motor to burn out.

CPAP Machine

The rumor that Carnival would no longer have water for CPAP machines was brought to the attention of John Heald, the cruise line’s brand ambassador, via various complaints and indignation about the supposed new policy. “Anyway, we do have distilled water,” Heald confirmed.

Water can be ordered before a cruise and will be waiting in the guest’s stateroom, or can be ordered through room service onboard and will be delivered. There is a nominal charge for the water, which is currently listed at $3.95 (USD) for a 1.5 liter (50.72 fluid ounces) bottle.

Eight bottles can be purchased for $20, or 12 smaller, half-liter (16.9 fluid ounces) bottles are available for $9.95. All water purchases are also subject to an 18% delivery fee.

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If guests do not want to pay for distilled water onboard, they can bring on their own water in accordance with Carnival’s carry on beverage policy.

Guests are asked to pre-purchase water if they will be needing it onboard, in order to ensure the ship has an adequate supply of bottles to meet the demand for each sailing. Occasionally, deliveries to ships can be delayed, which can cause confusion.

“There was a situation this week where one ship did not have their delivery,” Heald explained. “After speaking with the team they arranged for another ship to transfer some in port so all was well.”

Many different rumors about Carnival Cruise Line have been circulating on social media in recent months, from “no more towel animals” to “gratuities pay crew salaries” to “priority boarding is cancelled” and more.

Each time, enraged social media users flood John Heald’s popular Facebook page with complaints, comments, and more than a few ALL CAPITAL LETTER admonishments about how the cruise line needs to do better.

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The problem is, the rumors are untrue, and the cruise line is, in fact, continuing to provide fun and memorable cruise vacations to millions of eager guests. “Please, do your best if you read [social media] take things with a dollop of salt,” Heald urges guests.

Heald answers hundreds of online questions each day, as well as sharing insights into Carnival cruising, providing updates on different issues, offering peeks into special voyages – such as Carnival Luminosa’s current epic 30-night sailing from Seattle to Brisbane – and helping solve problems and concerns for guests onboard.

Rather than rely on social media comments from unauthorized sources, prospective guests are urged to contact John Heald via his Facebook page or reach out to Carnival Cruise Line’s guest services to get accurate, updated information for any of their cruise-related concerns.

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