Casino gambling and games of chance are a fixture on most major cruise lines, including Carnival Cruise Line, which regularly hosts slot tournaments and other events for dedicated gamblers. What the cruise line does not permit, however, is any unauthorized for-cash gambling outside of the casinos.

One such round of unauthorized gaming was recently shut down aboard Carnival Luminosa, leading to heated discussions about what is and isn’t gambling and what is permitted onboard.

Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald has addressed an incident of unauthorized gambling aboard Carnival Luminosa. Apparently, a game of what was first reported as cards but later revealed as Left-Center-Right (LCR), a popular dice game, was being played with a large group of guests betting on their play on the ship’s lido deck.

LCR is not necessarily a betting game – the game is played with chips and dice, and can be fast-moving depending on players’ familiarity with the rules. At least three players are required, but it can also be played with larger groups.

To increase the excitement of the game, some players may bet on individual hands or other overall outcome. It is this betting that is not permitted on Carnival cruise ships.

“I was informed that the group leader had been arranging a card game played on Lido each day where quite large amounts of money were changing hands. This was reported to me and as brand ambassador it was my duty to report that to the Ship,” Heald explained. “This is because gambling outside of the casino is strictly forbidden aboard any of our ships.”

Carnival Luminosa (Photo Credit: Ian Dewar Photography)

While at first it was believed to be a game of cards, even betting on dice or other games is not permitted.

“Gambling with dice or cards for money organized by a group leader is not allowed,” Heald confirmed. “It is really truly that simple.”

Carnival Luminosa is currently midway through a 30-night repositioning cruise that departed Brisbane, Australia on April 1. The ship is visiting outstanding ports of call in the amazing destinations of Guam, Japan, and Alaska on her way to Seattle, where she will arrive on May 1. The ship will remain homeported from Seattle for the Alaska sailing season.

The 92,720-gross-ton Carnival Luminosa can welcome 2,260 guests aboard at double occupancy, or as many as 2,826 travelers when fully booked.

In response to Heald’s explanation, some disgruntled guests have claimed that the cruise line only disallows such activities in order to ensure travelers are spending their money in the ship’s casino instead.

Heald notes that this is not the case, but it was a legal obligation that he had to report the activity to the ship so it could be promptly stopped.

There are different laws onboard Carnival cruise ships that cover gambling and betting, and the cruise line must also abide by local gambling and betting laws in ports of call in different countries. While guests are absolutely permitted to play such games at their leisure, it is the betting and money exchanging hands that cannot be permitted.

Carnival Luminosa (Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks)

“Gaming involving money is not allowed outside of the casino and there are strict rules about this on every cruise line,” Heald said. “We hope you can continue to play the game without money changing hands, but because it had been reported, whether you appreciate that or not, I’m afraid it is something that I had to report, that is my job, I work for Carnival Cruise Line.”

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At the moment, no consequences other than a visit from ship’s security to ensure the game is stopped have been levied. Heald does note, however, that if the same group were to continue organizing games with money changing hands, there could be further consequences.

The details of the amount of money exchanged and why money was changing hands at all is a bit muddled. Heald has explained that he was sent photos showing “the people holding fistful of dollar bills, these were the people that had won the game.”

The organizer of the game has joined the conversation, however, nothing that each person involved played only with five $1 bills. The individual repeatedly claims “It is innocent fun and is NOT gambling” and “We weren’t gambling. The game does not involve bets or wagers.”

No explanation has been given, however, for why any currency was involved at all, if it was not gambling, bets, or wagers.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, gambling is “the practice of risking money or other stakes in a game” – there is no minimum amount necessary to be considered gambling. Furthermore, even if the money even went to just one eventual winner, that is still technically gambling, even if wagers or bets were not placed on individual turns or rounds of gameplay.

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