Carnival Cruise Line has begun reaching out to guests booked on four different vessels with notification of cruise cancellations due to dry dock scheduling. The impacted vessels are Carnival Glory, Carnival Dream, Carnival Pride, and Carnival Paradise. Each ship is having multiple sailings cancelled in spring 2026 to accommodate the new dry dock plans.

Fortunately, because the sailings are nearly two years away, this gives guests plenty of time to rearrange their travel plans or choose a different cruise since their existing bookings will be cancelled.

The impacted dates for each ship are as follows:

Carnival Glory – April 10 through and including April 20, homeported from Port Canaveral
Carnival Dream – March 29 and April 4 sailings, homeported from Galveston
Carnival Pride – March 26 through and including April 12, homeported from Baltimore
Carnival Paradise – April 9 through and including May 1, homeported from Tampa

Carnival Glory Dry Dock

To be clear, all of these now-cancelled cruises are in spring 2026. Full refunds for all booked passengers will be processed beginning May 28, but may take up to three weeks to process through different financial institutions. Passengers do not need to take any action for their refunds to be processed.

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In addition to the cruise fare, and pre-paid amenities purchased through Carnival Cruise Line will also be fully refunded, such as drink packages, internet access, spa treatments, and pre-paid gratuities.

Carnival Cruise Line is, however, offering a small incentive if guests are able to rebook their cruises to a different date.

“We have a variety of alternatives and are confident you will find another Carnival cruise that is filled with an equal amount of fun,” the email reads. “Our team is ready to discuss options and rebook you on another voyage right away.”

If travelers do rebook, their cruise rate will be protected for any comparable sailing in a similar stateroom. It does not have to be an identical itinerary or on the same ship, but should be very similar. Guests should note that rate protection will not apply to any holiday sailings, and cruises to Alaska, Europe, or Hawaii are likewise not included.

As a general rule, chartered sailings are never included in such offers either. The cruise line does stipulate that the new booking may not be longer than the original, now-cancelled cruise.

If guests do rebook, they will also be given a $50 (USD) onboard credit per person, up to $100 per stateroom as a special thank you for choosing another Carnival cruise.

To rebook their sailing and take advantage of the onboard credit and fare protection, travelers should contact Carnival Cruise Line or their travel agent no later than Tuesday, May 28. After that time, refunds will be automatically processed.

Carnival Cruise Line has not revealed what updates will be done to each ship during these 2026 dry docks. Because the periods for each ship to be out of service are not lengthy, it is unlikely that extensive renovations will be scheduled.

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The cruise line’s Brand Ambassador, John Heald, did note in a recent live chat on Facebook that it is standard procedure for the cruise line not to disclose what updates are being done until a ship actually enters dry dock.

“I don’t tell people about what’s happening in dry docks until the ship is actually in the dry dock,” Heald said. “When a ship goes into dry dock, that’s when we will tell you everything that’s happening.”

This is likely because the final plans for what updates may be done to a ship are not yet confirmed and may depend on each ship’s individual needs at the time it enters dry dock. New painting, upholstery, flooring, and other updates to public areas are common, as are technical updates to the vessel’s hardware to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.

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