While many people who have never been on a cruise ship assume that the food options would be limited or that the ingredients would lack freshness and quality, the truth is that many modern cruise ships are floating havens for foodies, and there are many common things to eat on a ship.

Not only is cruise ship food better than you might expect, but in many cases, the delectable food and culinary options can be among the main highlights of the entire voyage. Today, we will dive into eight everyday food items that cruise ship passengers regularly enjoy. 

We will cover some of the most common things you will be offered at sea and explain where you can enjoy these food items and dishes on board the ship. If you are ready to let your taste buds set sail, keep reading, and we will dive right in!

While you may assume that cruise lines would face difficulties keeping fruits and veggies fresh at sea, modern cruise ships have high-capacity refrigeration systems that keep produce at the ideal temperature to maintain freshness. 

Fresh fruit is a common sight for cruise ships exploring tropical locations, such as the Caribbean. You may notice plenty of sliced fruit, vegetable platters, and pre-made salads at every buffet station and restaurant menu.

Fruit at the Ship Ship Buffet (Photo Credit: vadimmva)

Not only does this allow passengers to embrace the lifestyle of the tropics fully, the cruise ship can actually load up on local produce when it stops at various ports of call. 

Most cruise lines also know that many people book cruise vacations for rest, relaxation, and recovery. Having healthy and nutritious options, like crisp salads and fresh fruit, helps health-conscious passengers maintain a balanced diet while they enjoy their vacation. 

Who can honestly say that they don’t like pizza and pasta? Cruise lines have recognized that pizza and basic pasta dishes are seen by many as the ultimate comfort food, so they make sure that they are widely available to passengers while they enjoy their vacation.

Pizza Being Made Onboard MSC Meraviglia (Photo Credit: Claire Lucia)

Not only do most people enjoy pizza, but it is also enjoyed by passengers of all ages and backgrounds, so it is a real crowd-pleaser. You may notice pre-sliced pizza at buffet stations and specialty pizzerias where you can customize toppings. Pasta is also common at buffets and most restaurants offering European and American dishes. 

While you can find plenty of upscale specialty restaurants specializing in gourmet dishes, most cruise ships also offer more casual options. This is particularly common around lunchtime. These simple yet tasty options are almost always available near poolside grills and other open-air areas of the ship.

Carnival Cruise Line Burger (Photo Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line)

If you want a hot dog, hamburger, grilled or fried chicken, and vegetarian alternatives, you should be able to find them while lounging on the ship’s top deck.

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Most also come with a side of fries or a simple salad. Again, these simple food ideas are popular as they appeal to all ages, backgrounds, and culinary preferences. 

Most cruise lines lean into seafood when crafting menus and choosing restaurants for their ships. It only makes sense, considering you are surrounded by water during most of your voyage. 

For those with simple tastes, fried seafood and buttery lobster tails are widely available. For those a little bit more adventurous and with a more sophisticated palate, the ship’s many chefs enjoy preparing seafood dishes that reflect local customs. This means you may have the opportunity to try a seafood dish you have never experienced before.

Holland America Fish

Like how the ship can stock up on fresh and flavorful produce when it stops in tropical destinations, it can also load up on freshly caught seafood while replenishing its stores in various ports. 

There is nothing like looking out at an ocean view while waiting to enjoy a delicious seafood meal. In September 2023, Holland America Line announced that it would source locally fresh fish for all its ships.

While you can undoubtedly find healthy cruise ship food options, there is no shortage of decadent desserts and sweets. After all, a cruise is meant to be a vacation, so organizers want to ensure that passengers can indulge.

Desserts Section on Cruise Ship (Photo Credit: Joni Hanebutt / Shutterstock)

Most restaurants will have an eye-catching dessert menu with cheesecakes, crème brulee, decadent brownies, and more. You can also find numerous stands offering ice cream, cookies, and other simple treats you can enjoy while you explore the ship. 

Most cruise ships also ensure that passengers have constant access to sandwiches, pastries, and other basic finger foods. Once again, these convenience foods have a broad appeal and can help tide passengers over between breakfast and dinner.

Sandwiches on Cruise Ship (Photo Credit: FOTOADICTA)

While you can undoubtedly find casual options for these types of food items, some ships also lean into the time-honored maritime tradition of enjoying afternoon tea. This experience allows you to enjoy triangular sandwiches, buttered scones, delicious macaroons, and a wide variety of teas. Why not add some sophistication to your travels and enjoy this old sailing tradition? 

Most cruise ships offer passengers full American breakfasts: eggs, breakfast meats like bacon and sausages, hash browns, pancakes, waffles, toast, and plenty of coffee. This comfort food helps passengers feel at home while they are at sea. It also allows passengers to start the day off on the right foot. 

Many of these breakfast dishes will also feature pastries, sliced fruit, and yogurt options, as this appeals to more health-conscious passengers.

English Breakfast (Photo Credit: Solarisys / Shutterstock)

How these breakfast dishes are delivered depends on the particular cruise ship you are traveling on and your personal preferences. Most cruise lines will offer a complimentary breakfast buffet with all the food items mentioned above.

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You can also have your breakfast delivered directly to your cabin through room service. For those who prefer a more upscale dining experience, many ships will also have breakfast restaurants where guests can order pre-built breakfasts from a menu.

Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day, so rest assured that you can fuel up first thing in the morning while you enjoy your voyage.

While each cruise ship differs in its offerings, many modern cruise ships try to allow passengers to immerse themselves in the local flavors and cultures. Themed specialty restaurants that offer dishes made with local ingredients are becoming increasingly popular, allowing passengers to gain a cultural experience while enjoying their voyage.

Hot Pot Venue on Spectrum of the Seas

Naturally, what is offered at these restaurants will depend on where your cruise ship travels. For example, a Caribbean cruise may offer dishes inspired by nearby island nations. If your cruise stops in Jamaica or passes by the country, you may notice the ship offers Jamaican dishes, like jerk chicken and pepper pot soup. 

Try these dishes and enjoy a bit of cultural immersion on the water by sampling new and exciting types of cuisine. Who knows, you may even discover a new favorite kind of dish!

If you are worried about a dietary restriction before you embark on a cruise vacation, rest assured that modern cruise lines are more equipped to handle allergies, preferences, and various diets than ever. 

If you have a specific dietary restriction or preference, make sure that you do the following: 

While most cruise lines can accommodate most dietary restrictions with little notice, it is always a good practice to make sure that you inform them ahead of time. This allows them to stock any necessary alternative ingredients. 

Even if you have informed the cruise line well before boarding, you should always remind the wait staff of your dietary needs. They will be able to explain alternatives they can prepare and ensure that the cooking staff is aware of your allergy, preference, or diet. 

Do not hesitate to be direct when explaining your dietary restrictions, especially if they are linked to a severe allergy. A cruise ship kitchen will take your concerns very seriously, as the health and well-being of passengers is always their most important goal. That said, they can only help you if they are fully aware of your restrictions and their severity.

Waiter Takes Order on Cruise Ship (Photo Credit: Bekker24)

If you have a particularly sensitive allergy, ensure the staff is fully aware. This will stress the importance of avoiding cross-contamination while preparing your meal. 

While you can eat delicious meals if you do things correctly, it is always a good idea to bring snacks that abide by your dietary restrictions. At restaurants and the main dining room, it is much easier for the staff to work around your dietary restrictions; however, more casual spots, like poolside grills, may need help finding adequate alternatives. Having snacks you know you can eat is always a good idea.

While rules will vary from one cruise line to the next, most do not allow passengers to bring their own food onto the ship. For the most part, this is done to protect the safety of other passengers, especially regarding food allergies. 

That said, most cruise lines have exceptions. Baby food and formula are almost always permitted for those traveling with young children. Pre-packaged snacks are sometimes allowed, even if they are discouraged. Medically required food items, like sugary items for people with diabetes, are also allowed.

Basically, it is up to the discretion of the cruise line and the ship’s crew, but they are usually reasonable if you can make a compelling argument for why you are bringing food on board the ship. If you have concerns, consider contacting the cruise line you are traveling with ahead of time.

Yes, almost every cruise ship will offer room service menus to its passengers. Typically, you can order these food items to your cabin at all hours, so there is plenty of flexibility. Just remember that some cruise lines charge you for everything you order to your cabin, which can get expensive.

Almost every cruise ship will accommodate special requests, especially for celebratory purposes. If, for example, you were celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, you should be able to request a birthday cake or bottle of champagne.

That said, checking policies and options beforehand is always a good idea. If you are planning a significant celebration, such as a marriage proposal, you should consult the cruise line beforehand so they can make the necessary preparations.

While many people associate cruises with stunning views and luxury, they can also be an exciting culinary wonderland. Embrace the experience and try different foods while you are on board the ship. Let your taste buds have an adventure all of their own!

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