This is a list of every dining option on Icon of the Seas that will not cost a penny extra.  Once you’re on the ship, you can eat to your hearts content with some complimentary dining I’ve detailed below.

Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas has over 40 restaurants and bars strategically placed all around the ship.  I was able to eat at many of the eateries and cafes during one of the first cruises the ship took out of PortMiami.

With 7-night sailings on the world’s largest cruise ship going for $2,000 and up per person, knowing where to find some food that’s already included in the cruise fare can keep the budget in check.

What dining options are included in the price of a cruise on Icon?  In this article we will look at each restaurant, café, and dining venue that offers complimentary food.

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1. Main Dining Room

Photo credit: Cruise Fever

We’ll start with some of the more obvious choices for complementary dining.  There is one main dining room on the ship.  It spans multiple decks on decks 3, 4, and 5 at the aft part of the ship.  One glance at the glittering chandelier that dominates the center of the space, and you can see that the design and elegance of the dining room was inspired by the palaces of Europe.

You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner in this venue, located just aft of the Royal Promenade.

2. Windjammer Marketplace

Windjammer Marketplace. Photo credit: Cruise Fever

The buffet on Icon of the Seas has a unique new design that enhances the flow of passengers.  From the main entrance of Windjammer Marketplace you can go right or left – after washing your hands of course — for the same food offerings on both sides.

Both interior and exterior facing windows make the seating at the buffet feel even more spacious.  There are great views down to the Surfside neighborhood for tables along the interior section, and this was one of my favorite places to enjoy some lunch on the ship.

A lot of people have been concerned about such a massive ship (7,600 passengers at maximum capacity) and overcrowding at the buffet area.  While peek times will always see more traffic at Windjammer, because there are more complementary options on the ship, congestion should be kept to a minimum.

3. Aquadome Market

AquaDome Market menu on Icon of the Seas.

This is probably my favorite complimentary place to eat on Icon of the Seas.  As the name implies, the Aquadome Market is right outside the AquaDome and the oh-so-relaxing Overlook at the front of the ship.

This space on deck 15 forward is like food-truck-rally meets elegant cafe.

With floor to ceiling windows, this little nook of a dining venue offers five distinct types of foods which include:

Crème de la Crepe – Four types of crepes, including crepes with Nutella, bananas, creamy vanilla bean custard, strawberries, and more.
GNGR – Just choose a base of rice or noodles, choose an entrée of shrimp, chicken teriyaki, ginger beef, etc, and get a fortune bookie to boot.
Mac’s – Five different kinds of macaroni and cheese to choose from, including pepperoni pizza mac, chili mac, bacon mac, and classic mac.
Feta Mediterranean – Pick a base, protein, topping, and sauce and enjoy some Mediterranean flavors.
Toast & Garden – Various kinds of toasted sandwiches with melted cheese in addition to fresh Caesar salads, watermelon and feta salads and red bliss potato salads.
Aquadome Market on Icon of the Seas. Photo credit: Cruise Fever

All of this variety in one place, and the views from these large starboard windows are spectacular.  I loved eating my banana and Nutella crepe while enjoying the views of the blue waters of the Caribbean.

This area is also not quite as busy as Windjammer in my experience, and it’s just a short walk to the Overlook area to enjoy some quiet after your meal.

4. Park Café

Park Cafe on Icon of the Seas. Photo credit: Cruise Fever

This café is located in the heart of Central Park and offers all kinds of sandwiches, paninis, snacks, fruits, desserts, and beverages for no extra charge.    There is plenty of seating inside, and a wall partition will open to the outside for more seating right next to the lush surroundings Central Park provides.

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If you’re in the mood for some deli meats, this is the place to go.  I hear the Royal Kümmelweck roast beef sandwich is very popular, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Park Café is open for breakfast and lunch every day.  And if you want to grab a quick cup of coffee without standing in line it’s a great option on the ship.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp showing the free and a la cart options. Photo credit: Cruise Fever

Located right underneath the sports court on the ship, Basecamp is conveniently placed for those also enjoying the waterpark, mini-golf course, or the padded loungers of The Hideaway.  The area is open-air and the Adirondack style chairs and surfboard-inspired picnic tables give the space a friendly, backyard barbecue feel.

Not everything is complimentary at Basecamp, however.  You will find several items like the delicious smash burger and chicken nuggets in waffles – with a side of maple syrup or honey — that will cost extra.   It was $11 for a smash burger and $9 for a grilled chicken sandwich when I was on the ship.

The foods included in your cruise fare are hotdogs, warm pretzels with cheese sauce, and tater tots.   So if you or the kids want a quick bite to eat between breakfast and lunch, knock yourself out at Basecamp.

6. Pearl Café

Pearl Cafe on Icon of the Seas. Photo credit: Cruise Fever

Another beautiful and relaxing venue, Pearl Café is the place to grab a cup of coffee or snack.  Located behind the beautiful Pearl and just up the stairs, the area offers towering windows overlooking the sea and comfortable chairs and sofas to soak in the view.  The sofas even have charging ports and outlets behind your feet, so it’s a great place to charge up or plug in your laptop if you feel so inclined.

This is the place for free toasted sandwiches and coffee.  You will also find ready-to-eat salads and plenty of sweet desserts and treats to go along with your cup of joe.

7. Sorrento’s

Sorrento’s on Icon of the Seas.

Anyone who has sailed with Royal Caribbean before is familiar with the free and abundant pizza at Sorrento’s.  Located in the promenade and offering “outdoor” seating it’s one of those places that hard to walk by and not pick up at least once slice.

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Almost any time of day you will see crew members hard at work, cranking out pizza after pizza at this iconic pizza joint at sea.  You can enjoy pizzas like pepperoni, margherita or even Caribbean Dream which features pineapple, bacon, and barbecue sauce.

8. Surfside Eatery

Surfside Eatery

In the new neighborhood of Surfside, Surfside Eatery offers cruisers plenty of options for the whole family.  The food is very similar to what you would find at the Windjammer Marketplace, except it’s more consolidated to foods most kids would enjoy.   That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of things for adults as well, but it’s a more limited space and definitely caters to families.

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Surfside Eatery is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and costs nothing extra.  Located in the heart of Surfside food is never far away.

9. Surfside Bites

Right next to Surfside Eatery you’ll find another complimentary dining station that offers hot dogs, cheeseburgers, pizza toasties and even some sweet treats like churros and various types of cookies.

Kids and parents alike can step right up to the window at Surfside Bites for a quick bite, and it’s just steps away from the fun at Splashaway Bay and Playscape.  This quick serve dining option is open all day long.

10. El Loco Fresh

El Loco Fresh on Icon of the Seas. Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

For a casual atmosphere with some fresh Mexican food, El Loco Fresh is the place to be.  Also included in the price of your cruise fare, El Loco Fresh offers everything from tacos and burritos to carnitas and zesty salsa.

Located on deck 15 just forward of Windjammer Marketplace, this restaurant offers al fresco dining from morning until 6 p.m.  In the morning you can grab a breakfast burrito, scrambled eggs or some hashbrowns, and after noon you will find staples of Mexican food loaded with beef, pork, and chicken.   And don’t miss out on the tres leches and Mexican flan to top off your meal with a hit of sweetness.

*The next two are for suite guests only, but since they are complimentary food options for guests with these uber-nice cabins, I had to include them in the list.

11. Coastal Kitchen (for suite guests)

Coastal Kitchen on Icon of the Seas. Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

Not only does the restaurant for suite guests take up two decks on deck 16 and 17 forward, but it also offers great views of the AquaDome.  In fact, some tables are right up against the glass, offering dinner and a show.  The Coastal Kitchen is quite spacious and has a beautiful, inviting design.

The flavors of this dining venue are described as Mediterranean-inspired and paired with the farm-fresh ingredients of California.  Reservations are recommended.

12. The Grove (for suite guests)

The Grove

Another part of Royal Caribbean’s largest suite Neighborhood to date is The Grove.  This is a relaxing retreat and sundeck that consists of a private pool, whirlpool, and plenty of padded loungers, day beds, and casual seating to enjoy the outdoors.

Cruisers with suite cabins can enjoy al fresco dining with many Mediterranean-infused snacks, appetizers, and delectables all throughout the day.  One of the best views of the pool deck of the ship can be found from the upper deck of The Grove.  Away from any excess noise, it’s a great place just to relax and unwind, while also never being too far from a bite to eat.

13. Room Service

There’s only one free option with room service, but I wanted to mention it in this list since it is technically complimentary.  While most room service foods will carry an extra cost of $7.95 per order, there is a complimentary continental breakfast.

It consists of a variety of drinks from juices to coffee and tea and also includes toast, bagels, English muffins, donuts, pastries, and a selection of cereals, fruits, and yogurt.  You will still want to tip the crew member who brings you the food, but this is a “free” option for those lazy mornings.

You can see the full room service menu for Royal Caribbean here.

Video Tour of Icon of the Seas:

Specialty Dining Restaurants

In addition to the free dining options on Icon of the Seas, here are the extra cost venues:

Empire Supper Club: Exclusive dining experience that starts around $200 per person.  Live jazz and American cuisine in a 1920s-themed setting.
Celebration Table: Exclusive venue with personalized service, multi-course menus, and AquaDome views (additional fee, reservations recommended).
Chops Grille: Signature steakhouse offering premium cuts of meat, a butcher’s display, and an upscale ambiance.
Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen: Family-style trattoria experience with authentic Italian dishes, and homemade pasta.
Hooked Seafood: Ocean-inspired venue featuring fresh catches, sustainable seafood dishes, and an open kitchen concept.
Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade: Large-screen TVs, classic pub fare, and retro arcade games for a casual dining and entertainment experience.
Izumi in the Park: Interactive teppanyaki tableside cooking and a wide selection of sushi and sashimi in a modern Japanese setting.  Also casual Japanese fare like ramen, noodles, and bento boxes in a relaxed Central Park setting.
Pier 7: Modern American gastropub serving elevated comfort food, craft beers, and handcrafted cocktails in a casual atmosphere.
Starbucks: Yes, there’s even a full Starbucks on board.  Your beverage package will not include this popular coffee shop though.  It’s located in the heart of the Royal Promenade.
Desserted Milkshake Bar: At the entrance of Thrill Island you will find a great place for all kinds of milkshakes.
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