During the Destination D23 expo at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida, Disney Cruise Line revealed the name of its upcoming vessel – Disney Adventure.

A lot of mystery surrounds what will be the seventh or eighth ship in the Disney fleet when it debuts, but there is a great deal that we do know about the massive cruise ship.

The revelation of the new ship’s name as Disney Adventure sets the tone for the vessel, mimicking the “adventurous spirit” recently revealed for the upcoming Disney Treasure. Undoubtedly, Disney Adventure will likewise offer amazing adventures and an explorer spirit onboard when the ship debuts in 2025.

Formerly named Global Dream for the now-defunct Genting Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Line purchased the partially finished ship in late 2022 with the intention to finish it according to Disney’s specifications.

Disney Adventure

The ship remains under construction at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Wismar, Germany. At the time Genting Hong Kong – the parent company of Genting Cruise Lines – declared bankruptcy in January 2022, the new ship was approximately 70% completed. For months, the hull remained in limbo while rumors swirled about cruise purchases or potential scrapping.

While Disney Cruise Line has named the new vessel, precise details about its overall theme and signature finishes – including the stern characters, Grand Hall statuary, or symbolic captain – have not yet been announced.

What Disney Cruise Line has confirmed is that Disney Adventure will be sailing from Singapore in her inaugural season, serving the Southeast Asian market year-round.

While there have been no itineraries yet announced for the vessel, visits to destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia are likely, as well as options slightly further afield in India, Australia, and New Zealand.

While the incomplete Global Dream was rumored to have a capacity of more than 9,000 passengers, Disney Adventure is expected to have a capacity closer to 6,000 guests.

This will still make the ship the largest by passenger capacity in the Disney fleet, surpassing the 5,000-guest capacity of Disney Wish and the upcoming Disney Treasure, as well as the as yet unnamed third vessel in the cruise line’s Wish class.

Disney Adventure will also outstrip the other Disney cruise ships in other ways. The ship’s gross tonnage is estimated to be approximately 208,000 gross tons, whereas Disney Wish is 144,000 gross tons.

Render Courtesy: Disney Cruise Line

Furthermore, Disney Adventure should measure 1,122 feet long – three feet longer than Disney Wish. A small amount, to be sure, but still longer than her fleetmate.

Disney Adventure should also have a deeper draft of roughly 31 feet, whereas Wish-class ships have a 27-foot draft.

Crew complement will also be bigger on the larger Disney Adventure, with an estimated 2,300 crew members as befits the Global-class design. Wish-class ships, however, are home to 1,555 international crew members.

Because Disney Adventure will have a smaller guest capacity than the ship’s original design, however, it is possible the crew will also be slightly reduced from the original projections.

More details will undoubtedly be revealed about Disney Adventure in the coming months, though the cruise line’s focus will likely first be on Disney Treasure, as that ship is scheduled to debut in December 2024 from Port Canaveral.

The third Wish-class ship, sister to Disney Wish and Disney Treasure, is also scheduled to debut in 2025, but it is unknown which ship – the Wish-class or Disney Adventure – will set sail first in that year.

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