The cruise ship that helped Oceania Cruises break its own single-day booking record in 2022 has finally set sail on its 180-day world cruise.

On Sunday, the 684-guest Insignia departed from San Francisco on her way to Hawaii for the first leg of the worldwide voyage.

The itinerary

From the Hawaiian Islands the ship will sail further west to French Polynesia and the Samoan Islands before arriving in New Zealand and Australia.

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The 30,000 gross ton vessel will then sail to Asia where passengers will visit destinations like Bali, Taipei, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The Suez Canal and a visit to the Great Pyramids of Egypt are on the current itinerary for the ship, but with continued unrest in the Red Sea, the cruise line will be monitoring the situation.  Right now the ship is planning to enter the Suze Canal on May 26th of 2024.

Insignia is then scheduled to sail along the Mediterranean Sea, visiting ports in Greece and Italy before sailing around Spain as the vessel heads to Northern Europe on its way to Iceland.

From Reykjavik, the ship will voyage westward to Greenland where passengers will experience the small village of Paamiut – which also happens to be the 10th largest town in Greenland.

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The 180-Day world cruise will culminate in New York City and is scheduled to arrive on July 12, 2024.

18% of passengers opted to continue the journey for a total of 196 days on the ship, as Insignia sails on westward.

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Quick facts of the world cruise itinerary

5 continents
34 countries
96 ports of call
Over 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
24 over-night stays

Overnight stays will allow passengers to spend more time in port with less worry about rushing back to the ship.

The following ports of call will welcome Insignia over night: Auckland, Shanghai, Singapore, Phuket, Mumbai, Dubai, Barcelona, Seville, Bordeaux, and Reykjavik.

How much did it cost?

Prices on Oceania Cruises’ world cruise started at $48,499 per person.  Veranda staterooms started at $69,499 per person and a luxurious penthouse suite went for around $101,000 per person.

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The cruise sold out in 30 minutes, and the cruise line stated that nearly half of the bookings came from guests who were new to the brand.

42% of the guests that booked the 180-day world cruise with Oceania Cruises also had booked the 2022 world cruise with the cruise line.

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