Popular premium cruise line Celebrity Cruises has begun notifying guests booked in the AquaClass of staterooms that some of their benefits are being trimmed, and others will no longer be automatic but will be made available upon request.

This will be a disappointing development for cruisers who appreciate the “extras” that will no longer be part of their Celebrity Cruises experience.

Celebrity Cruises has reached out to guests booked in AquaClass accommodations to inform them that some amenities for the class are no longer available.

Specifically, AquaClass staterooms will no longer receive canapes, nor will chocolates be provided nightly, but the sweet pillow treat will only be presented on the first and last nights of a sailing. “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or discomfort this might cause you,” a confirmation sent to guests read.

Guests currently onboard different Celebrity Cruises ships are reporting some inconsistency in which benefits are currently being received by AquaClass guests, but tweaks and trims are definitely being noticed.

Celebrity Beyond Stateroom (Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz / Cruise Hive)

It appears that the cuts may be made in a phased approach aboard different ships, perhaps on a first-come, first-served basis or related to when certain supplies are no longer available.

Reactions are mixed, with some guests firmly noting that missing such small amenities will not dramatically influence their impression of Celebrity Cruises.

Far more guests, however, are upset at what appears to be continual erosion of benefits and the extra touches that make Celebrity Cruises stand out above more mainstream cruise lines that do not offer as many premium amenities.

This comes immediately after guests have spotted a $2 + 20% gratuity charge for cookies onboard Celebrity Equinox, a relatively unheard of fee for what is typically thought of as a complimentary treat.

Celebrity Cruises Open Deck (Photo Credit: EWY Media / Shutterstock)

Other AquaClass benefits noting to have disappeared recently include specialty teas, fresh fruit, and individual shower products. Similarly, exclusive dining menus are becoming smaller, and some portions seem noticeably smaller.

The biggest concern for most guests is the fact that these benefits are being reduced after travelers have booked and paid for the upgraded AquaClass, yet there is no return of partial payment, onboard credit, or other compensation for the loss of expected amenities, nor are new options being offered in substitution.

The “AquaClass” is one of Celebrity Cruises’ elite divisions of staterooms, similar to the ship-in-a-ship concepts or other specialty staterooms offered on many cruise lines.

The AquaClass on Celebrity Cruises’ is specially curated for wellness experiences and sustainability, with multiple connections to each ship’s spa facilities.

Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks / Shutterstock

While exact amenities and inclusions will vary on different ships and with availability on different itineraries, typical amenities in the AquaClass include such extravagant touches as an upgraded pillow menu, in-room fitness equipment for use onboard, daily bottled water, complimentary shoe shines, wellness on-demand television, and healthier room service menu selections.

Guests in AquaClass accommodations also get unlimited access to the adults-only thermal suite, a dedicated spa concierge, exclusive discounts on spa treatment packages, and their own exclusive specialty restaurant, Blu, featuring spa-inspired cuisine and healthier options.

The AquaClass is currently available on all 13 Celebrity Cruises ships and will be onboard the upcoming Celebrity Ascent as well, but is not part of the cruise line’s unique Expedition vessels.

While Celebrity Cruises does continue to deliver a premium experience for its guests, the slow erosion of benefits is concerning, and may be part of a growing trend of trimming services and amenities without any corresponding price decreases or new options.

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