MSC Cruises has announced a shift to its summer plans for two vessels following recent cancellations in Israel. The cruise line began adjusting its routes on October 11, reflecting a cautious approach to the volatile situation.

Initially, MSC Cruises responded to the escalating situation in Israel by canceling cruises departing from Israel until October 26, 2023, impacting the sailings of both MSC Musica and MSC Sinfonia. This precaution was further extended into January 2024, aligning with actions taken by several other cruise lines amidst growing unrest in the region. 

In a significant update, MSC Cruises has restructured its itineraries for the upcoming summer season, extending these changes into October 2024. MSC Musica’s Western Mediterranean itinerary no longer includes Haifa, Israel, for its 2024 summer routes. Concurrently, MSC Opera’s itinerary has been exclusively refocused on the Greek Isles. These changes reflect a deliberate shift to prioritize travelers’ safety and adapt to the evolving global circumstances. 

The revision paves the way for MSC Musica to embark on a refreshed journey, unveiling a range of new and exciting destinations as part of its updated Western Mediterranean itinerary. Beginning May 13, 2024, and continuing through October 28, 2024, the adapted voyages will depart from the picturesque Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy.

MSC Musica Cruise Ship (Photo Credit: Deman)

The revised route includes stops at Genoa, Italy, stunning palaces like Nicolosio Lomellino, and a vibrant harbor; Cannes, France, and Barcelona in Spain. Calls also include Ibiza, Spain, known for its stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and UNESCO-listed old town, Dalt Vila; and Cagliari, Italy, the capital of Sardinia. The itinerary also features a relaxing day at sea.

Pricing for the “Mediterranean, 7 Nights” voyage starts at $659 per person for an interior stateroom, with ocean-view cabins available from $729, balcony accommodations from $909, and suites starting at $1,609.

In tandem with MSC Musica’s updated route, MSC Opera has enhanced its Greek Island adventure itinerary, including additional ports. Available from May 12 to October 5, 2024, the itinerary offers a roundtrip from Bari, Italy, an ancient port city where historic churches and castles meet modern galleries and breathtaking beaches.

MSC Cruises Ship (Photo Credit: Deman)

The voyage includes stops in Piraeus, the gateway to Athens; Santorini, renowned for its whitewashed buildings and iconic, blue-domed churches; Katakolon’s charming seaside town, gateway to Olympia; Corfu, home to the historic Venetian Fortress and a UNESCO-listed old town; and Kefalonia, which is celebrated for its magnificent caves and picturesque village like Fiscardo and Asos.

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Rates for this “Mediterranean, 7 Nights” journey begin at $889 per person for a stateroom, with ocean-view options starting at $1,059 for an ocean-view cabin, balcony cabins from $1,439, and suites from $2,039.

MSC Musica, boasting a gross tonnage of 92,409, accommodates 3,013 passengers at double occupancy. MSC Opera, slightly more intimate at 65,591 gross tons, can host 2,579 passengers at double occupancy.

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