Considering a Disney cruise but wondering how much it will cost?  We analyzed over 300 Disney cruises and their prices from now through the end of 2024 to break down the average price.

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On average, the total cruise fare price on a Disney Cruise Line sailing is $6,826 for a family of four in a balcony cabin.

But this doesn’t give the full picture since a cruise can last from 3-7 days on most Disney sailings, with some that are 15 days long.  This is why we analyzed the cost per day on a Disney cruise as well to get a clearer picture.

For a standard balcony cabin, the average price per day on a Disney cruise without taxes and fees is $1,444 for a family of four, with the average length of these 359 cruises being 4.8 days long.  4 and 7 day cruises are the most common with Disney, and there are many 3 day sailing as well, especially on Disney Wish sailing out of Port Canaveral.

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The destination of the cruise can also be a big factor in cost.

The average base fare per person based on regions for a Disney cruise is as follows:

Alaska: $2,958
Europe: $2,450
Caribbean & Bahamas: $2,049

The longer Sydney to Honolulu cruise Disney offers is 15 days long and costs about $10,482 for a family of four in a balcony cabin.

Average Disney cruise cost bases on cruise days

These average prices are based on a family of four on a Disney cruise.  Since many of the 3 day cruises are on the newer Disney Wish some of these figures will appear higher as well.

Remember that other factors besides the ship play a role in the cost, including the time of year, the itinerary, and the port fees associated with that itinerary.

Average 3 day cruise cost for family of four: $4,549 (81 cruises used for data)
Average 4 day cruise cost for family of four: $5,826 (122 cruises used for data)
Average 5 day cruise cost for family of four: $7,008 (56 cruises used for data)
Average 7 day cruise cost for family of four: $9,827 (75 cruises used for data)

What a Disney cruise offers

If you’re an avid cruiser, you have most likely heard of Disney Cruise Line – a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company and arguably a theme park at sea. Disney Cruise Line provides luxury, comfort, and hidden touches of magic to all its guests that only the Disney company can provide.

These magic-filled ships are the only fleet where you’ll find character greetings, specially themed suites and dining halls, water coasters at sea and unlimited room service. It’s these small, yet significant touches that keep guests returning year after year. These Disney exclusive touches are why this cruise line should be considered a luxury brand.

If you’ve caught yourself wondering about all the differences, including the costs, between Disney and other mainstream cruise lines today, we’ve got you covered here.

Although Disney’s fleet is much smaller, their costs certainly don’t lack on any scale. Continue reading to learn what you might expect to pay for a Disney cruise and why their costs are quite a bit higher.

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The Disney Cruise Line Fleet

Before Disney Cruise Line hit the cruising industry, cruising was generally geared toward adults, and couples. Disney made cruising a family experience, with services and amenities specifically catered toward the smallest members at sea.

With five ships currently sailing the open waters, and one ship currently set to sail on its maiden voyage in December of 2024, Disney Cruise Line has become a household name. Included in its fleet is:

Disney Magic
Disney Wonder
Disney Dream
Disney Fantasy
Disney Wish
Disney Treasure (Coming December 2024)

Click here to see full list of Disney cruise ships.

Disney Wish: The Newest Disney Cruise Line Ship

In June of 2022, Disney’s newest and largest ship in its fleet, Disney Wish, made her inaugural sailing – a 5-night cruise stopping in Nassau, Bahamas, and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, Bahamas. She is dedicated to all past, present, and future Make-A-Wish children.

Outside of this being Disney’s newest, and most flashy ship, 90% of this vessel includes outside cabins, which makes the option of affordable cruising slimmer.

However, Disney Wish is currently sailing on 3 and 4 night voyages to the Bahamas, which has historically been a more affordable itinerary. Still, this ship is specifically stated to be built for those with an affinity for luxury, and concierge-level experiences.

The dining rooms are more than just food and drink, but a Broadway-type experience while you dine, with each dining room having its own, unique theme dedicated to popular Disney feature films.

In addition to dining entertainment, there are scheduled programs in the grand halls with immersive shows for those of all ages, and for adults looking for experiences geared toward them, Disney has you covered, too.

There are specially themed bars, lounges and nightclubs that come with an age limit, meaning: no kids allowed, but that doesn’t mean no magic. These additions have been different from past cruise ships in Disney’s fleet and is one of the many reasons why guests prefer the newest, and therefore, the most expensive Wish vessel.

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Understanding the Cost of a Disney Cruise

If you’re planning to sail with Disney Cruise Line, you’re probably wondering how much to save for, budget for while on board, and want an overall understanding of any costs associated with your vacation.

The short answer is: it depends. The general cost of a Disney cruise is going to be influenced by many factors, including:

The time of year you are sailing.
The size of your party that is sailing.
The length of the sailing.
How far in advance you book your cruise – historically, the earlier you book, the better your savings.
The type of cabin you choose.
Which ship you sail on – the newer ships are more costly than older ones.
If you are a member of Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Club Loyalty Program
If you’re eligible to redeem any discounts/savings on your sailing.
Newer ships carry a cost premium as you can see in this chart.

Disney Cruise Line, unlike other household cruise line names, is not known for being an ‘all-inclusive experience’ and so it can be dangerously easy to rack up a steep bill if you plan to go all out and indulge in every experience.

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Outside of meals, there is little else that is included in the price of your overall bill – including alcohol, and it’s worth knowing that Disney does not offer packages and plans for alcoholic drinks, dining experiences, or excursions.

While sailing with Disney comes with a lot of sticker shock for most, it certainly doesn’t have to be a pipe dream either. There are plenty of options to save on your booking such as searching for discounted rates, sailing on off seasons, or on older ships.

Skipping out on the fancy add-ons such as signature dining experiences, shore excursions, merchandise, or specialty beverages can also help you save thousands when sailing with Disney Cruise Line. The cost of a Disney Cruise can vary dramatically when cutting back on these small items.

Examples of the cost of a Disney cruise:

For example, if we’re looking at a basic 7-night sailing for a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children) out of Port Canaveral, Florida (Disney’s home-base) to the Western Caribbean in May of 2024, the average cost without any additions would be $6,281.28.

This is for an inside cabin on the Disney Fantasy, one of Disney’s older ships.

If that family preferred an ocean view room, the cost would be slightly higher at $6,645.28. It is worth noting that children cost slightly less than adults, but the savings isn’t drastic.

What’s Included in the Price of Your Disney Cruise?

While Disney Cruise Line offers countless amenities and experiences for their guests on every sailing, it’s their dedication to the magic that truly sets them apart and is the real selling point.

When booking your basic cruise fare, your overall cost includes:

Your cabin (standard, or suite)
Meals outside of specialty dining experiences
Room service, soft drinks (alcohol is an additional cost)
Onboard activities including character experiences and Broadway-style shows
Kid and teen clubs, adult nightclubs, firework shows
Access to Disney’s private island at Castaway Cay (price does not include access to any excursions on Castaway Cay).

What sets Disney apart is their amplified onboard experiences for guests to enjoy. Disney Cruise Line is currently the only cruise line with fireworks at sea, which is a free nighttime show for all onboard guests.

Disney also does not have any casino onboard, which means additional space for added entertainment, and larger spaces for guests to roam.

Most loved, however, are the character experiences at sea. You can always expect to find the classic Fab Five – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto – and sometimes they’re even dressed in their cruise wear!

Other beloved characters have been found in dining halls, on deck for dance parties, at the Broadway shows, or even on special, themed sailings such as Pixar at Sea or Marvel at Sea.

What Costs Extra on a Disney Cruise?

Most things offered on board a Disney Cruise are included in the base fare of your cruise package, however, there are a few signature experiences that do come with added costs.

It is worth noting that most Disney cruisers vouch for these experiences and repeat them with each sailing regardless of any extra costs. Although Disney cruises include plenty of lavish amenities, the experience is not considered all-inclusive.

Similar to other mainstream cruise lines, experiences such as shore excursions, shopping on board, Wi-Fi, spa and salon services, photography experiences, babysitting services and any specialty dining packages are not included in your base fare.

However, unlike most other cruise lines, alcohol is not included on Disney Cruise Line, and currently, there are no beverage packages that are offered, which means guests pay per drink.

Special experiences offered only on Disney Cruise Line such as the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique – an immersive experience where little princesses and princes have the special opportunity to dress up as their favorite character are also available for an additional fee.

Choosing Cheaper Disney Cruise Ships and Itineraries: Are There Savings?

Disney Cruise Line has built up a reputation of being one of the more expensive cruise lines. If you’re intrigued about sailing with Disney, but aren’t thrilled about shelling out thousands, there may be some tips and tricks on how to experience the magic for less.

One of the best-known ways to save significantly on a Disney Cruise is to sail during off peak times, meaning: not during school breaks, summertime, or any holiday seasons.

The travel industry is notorious for raising prices during these times, as most parties choose to travel during these seasons, and Disney is no exception. Understandably, this can be next to impossible for families with school-aged children without neglecting obligations.

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To intrigue travelers, cruise lines have been known to release special discounts during off-peak seasons.

For comparison, a 3-night Bahamian cruise from Port Canaveral for a family of 4 in January 2024 with a Verandah (balcony) room is $5065.48 on the Disney Wish, Disney’s newest ship. For this same itinerary with the same travel party in July, you can expect to pay $5611.48. This is a total savings of roughly $600.

This chart shows the average price per day on Disney cruises through the end of 2024.

This chart shows the average price per day on Disney cruises all through 2024. You can see the spike during the summer and near the holidays.

Booking your cruise as early in advance as possible is ideal when sailing with Disney Cruise Line. Currently, Disney does not offer any financing options, or payment plans. However, they do offer flexibility in making partial payments until your final one is due, which will be outlined at the time of your booking. Your initial deposit is always due at the time of booking.

Additional tips such as sailing on older ships, booking an inside cabin, choosing shorter itineraries, and letting Disney choose your room for you, as opposed to selecting your preferred room during booking, are all excellent ways to save significantly on your next Disney Cruise.

Is a Disney Cruise Really Worth the Money?

With so many options out there for your next vacation and Disney Cruise Line’s rack rate prices, it can be easy to wonder if this cruise line is worth it. If you find yourself looking for a standard cruise experience or aren’t a huge fan of the Disney brand, you may find yourself looking elsewhere.

However, if Disney’s hidden touches of magic, and above and beyond experiences are what you’re after, Disney Cruise Line should absolutely be on your radar.

Most families vouch that they never tire of the magic of Disney and have thoroughly enjoyed returning with their families to these theme park vessels at sea.

Although smaller than most other mainstream cruise lines today, Disney does not skimp on experiences, entertainment, amenities, and recreation, and this only improves with each ship introduced in their fleet.

A comparison between Disney Cruise Line and other cruise lines isn’t a true parallel because of the sheer differences in experiences. Disney Cruise Line is worth trying at least once and then you can judge for yourself if it was worth the cost.  For most cruisers with Disney the answer is a resounding, “yes!”

This guest post was written by C. Ingram with editorial notes by J. Souza

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