Disney Cruise Line prides itself on offering Broadway-caliber entertainment for guests to enjoy while onboard. The cruise line has now given more details about its newest show, “Disney: The Tale of Moana,” that will premier exclusively onboard Disney Treasure in December of 2024. 

Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, Disney Treasure, will be setting sail with her own signature show – and more details about what to expect from the performances were recently announced. 

When the 4,000-passenger Disney ship embarks on her maiden voyage on December 21, 2024, guests will be invited to enjoy “Disney: The Tale of Moana” in the Walt Disney Theatre. 

The brand-new show will premiere exclusively on Disney Treasure and, at least for the time being, will not be performed on any other ships in Disney’s fleet. 

It was previously announced that “Disney: The Tale of Moana” would be a live-action adaptation of the film “Moana,” which was released by Disney in 2016. 

As in the film, the stage show will follow the story of Moana. Our heroine is the daughter of the chief of a Polynesian village called Motunui, who must go on a daring quest at sea to return the Heart of Te Fiti and save her people. 

Disney has now announced more details about the show. Notably, a new song called “Warrior Face” will be added to the show, performed along with classics from the movie’s Grammy-Award Winning soundtrack, such as “How Far I’ll Go,” “We Know the Way,” and “You’re Welcome.” 

“Warrior Face” will be sung by Moana and Maui as the film’s beloved demigod teaches Moana how to face her fears before entering the Realm of the Monsters.

Disney Cruise Line “Disney The Tale of Moana”

Disney Cruise Line has also given more details about the set. While there is a Walt Disney Theatre on every DCL ship, it will be transformed in new ways to immerse guests in Moana’s world. The musical starts in the present day on the island of Motunui, an elaborate set inspired by the cultures of the Pacific Islands. 

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This is where the scene will be set through a song called “An Innocent Warrior,” during which the narrator (who is also Moana’s grandmother) will introduce Moana through song and dance, with lyrics sung in a mix of Polynesian languages. 

But when Moana sings “How Far I Go” and begins the voyage the ocean specifically chose her to take, the theater will transform into the open ocean, complete with twinkling stars throughout the theater and giant manta ray swimming above the audiences’ heads. 

When Disney Treasure first welcomes guests in December of 2024, her inaugural sailings will alternate between seven-night eastern and western Caribbean cruises. 

But the entertainment doesn’t stop when guests come back to the ship after a day in port. Live shows are usually performed twice an evening in the Walt Disney Theatre, which can seat up to 1,274 guests per performance on Disney Treasure.

Disney Treasure Cruise Ship

In addition to “Disney: The Tale of Moana,” guests onboard Disney Treasure will also be able to see performances of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Disney Seas the Adventure.”

“Beauty and the Beast” is a live rendition of the Disney movie by the same name that honors the beloved tale as old as time.

“Disney Seas the Adventure” will be the opening night show, and is currently only performed onboard Disney Wish. The fun and quirky show includes a mix of beloved Disney and Pixar characters and follows what happens after Captain Minnie hands the helm over to Goofy. 

The other stage shows that will be performed onboard Disney Treasure have not yet been announced, but it’s likely that they will come from Disney Cruise Line’s existing repertoire of Broadway-caliber shows.

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