A cruise line has announced a Mystery Cruise that will set sail in 2025 and guests on board the cruise will not know which ports they will visit until 24 hours ahead of arrival.

This President’s Mystery Cruise by Windstar Cruises will depart on April 19, 2025 on the 312 passenger Star Legend. The ports will be unannounced until 24 hours before arrival at each port. Once the guests learn which port they will be visiting next, they will be able to book shore excursions.

The cruise line said that the ports that this Mystery Cruise will visit will be new, thrilling, and exciting. It will be an eight day cruise that will start and end in Athens, Greece.

“It’s going to be a lot of places—the majority of them, if not all of them—we haven’t been before,” said Windstar’s President Christopher Prelog.

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“The team is keeping the itinerary secret even from me,” confesses Prelog. “They know I get excited about things and can’t help sharing; I’m looking forward to the anticipation of finding out where we’re going along with the guests on board.”

Windstar Cruises got the idea for this Mystery Cruise during a recent 11 day cruise when the itinerary had to be radically changed at the last minute due to a tropical cyclone.

The team had to create a new itinerary at the last minute and the guests on board had a positive experience. The cruise line then came up with this concept for a Mystery Cruise and decided to schedule it for April 19, 2025.

“It’s sort of awakening the sense of adventure again, which is what travel should always do,” said Prelog. “It’s something different, something really interesting. It’s a cruise for guests who like adventure, and who don’t want to plan everything out.”

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