Guests onboard the current Greenland cruise on Carnival Pride have finally reached their first port of call after the first three destinations were cancelled due to ice, fog, and general bad weather.

While the ship was unable to reach the planned destinations in Greenland or St. Anthony in Newfoundland and Labrador, Carnival Pride has successfully arrived in Corner Brook.

That arrival has not quite been as planned, however. Guests were notified the night before with a letter in their staterooms that the port would now be a tender stop, requiring the use of water shuttles, rather than regular docking.

Corner Brook, Newfoundland (Photo Credit: LesPalenik)

“In Corner Brook we will be anchoring a short distance from land and using water shuttles to transport guests to and from the port. Water shuttles will run back and forth continuously throughout the day,” the letter explained.

Corner Brook is not listed on Carnival Cruise Line’s list of water shuttle ports, though any port could necessitate the use of tender boats depending on circumstances at the time of a ship’s visit.

In the case of Corner Brook, a cargo ship or freighter has likely taken over the space initially planned for Carnival Pride. While it can be more challenging for guests to visit a port of call via water shuttles, it would be impossible to unload cargo with smaller boats. Every port has to manage its ongoing, multi-use operations as efficiently as possible, even when docking changes must be made.

As with all water shuttle ports, guests on the 88,500-gross-ton, Spirit-class Carnival Pride will be able to debark the ship in order of priority. Passengers who have booked shore excursions through Carnival Cruise Line will be taken ashore first in order to meet up with their tour.

Guests without a pre-booked shore excursion have been able to collect passes to reserve spaces for the tender boats. Lines for the shuttles can be lengthy from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. After approximately 2 p.m., passes should no longer be needed and guests can proceed to the tenders at their leisure.

It should be noted that passengers using motorized wheelchairs or scooters must be able to safely take a few steps to board the water shuttles, and only collapsible mobility devices are permitted on the smaller boats. Guests were reminded of this policy prior to sailing, as the Greenland ports are also water shuttle destinations.

Travelers should also stay alert to the ship even when they’re exploring ashore, as the weather could change and require the ship to leave unexpectedly.

“If you hear a series of short blasts on the ship’s horn, proceed to the next available water shuttle back on board as this indicates a change in sea conditions that may affect water shuttle operations,” the letter read.

While cutting short a ship’s visit is not common, it can be necessary if the wind or waves grow too rough for tender boats to continue to safely operate or if a dock may become hazardous. This happened when Carnival Pride was visiting Cobh, Ireland during an August 2023 sailing, when poor weather arrived more quickly than expected and the ship had to depart two hours earlier than planned.

While this Greenland sailing – which departed Baltimore on May 26 – has not gone according to the planned itinerary, guests onboard have been very complimentary of the ship’s crew. Undoubtedly, crew members have scrambled to ensure plenty of activities and entertainment even when the ship has been unable to visit ports.

Carnival Pride Docked in Baltimore (Photo Credit: Port of Baltimore)

“Greetings from Corner Brook Canada on the beautiful Carnival Pride. Finally reached land. May have been [9] days at sea, but we have the best ship, crew, and captain. Love our Greenland cruise,” a guest named Susan messaged John Heald, Carnival Cruise Line’s Brand Ambassdor.

Susan’s is not the only positive comment Heald has received, and in general, most passengers are understanding about the unpredictable nature of such a unique sailing.

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“Thank you to the dozens of others that have written such positive posts about this cruise,” Heald said. “Each post [has] mentioned the fabulous Captain Vito and the crew who have done everything they possibly could and taking such great care of them. I’m so glad today the ship can finally bring you to a special destination.”

After spending the day in Corner Brook, Carnival Pride is scheduled to visit Sydney, Nova Scotia on Thursday, June 6. That is the last planned port of call for the sailing, and two more full days at sea will follow for the ship to return to Baltimore for debarkation on Sunday, June 9.

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