Originally launched in 2005, Carnival Liberty is approaching its 20th birthday, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that this Conquest-class cruise ship is lackluster due to its age. Over its life, the ship has celebrated many “firsts” and groundbreaking cruise industry accomplishments, and it still remains a favorite with cruising families today.

Carnival Liberty was the very first ship in the Carnival fleet to receive the brand’s FUN 2.0 upgrades, in 2011. The FUN 2.0 series of upgrades would go on to bring new life (and quick fan-favorite venues and amenities) to the entire line.

Additionally, Carnival Liberty boasted the first Carnival Seaside Theater and the ship has won numerous awards and accolades. So if you want to experience Carnival Liberty for yourself, what can you expect? Keep reading to find out.

Just as is the case with all the Conquest-class cruise ships, Carnival Liberty is relatively modest in size, but that’s pretty much the only place this ship is modest. It makes great use of its space and its past renovations budgets to provide high levels of fun, everywhere you look. Carnival Liberty measures in at… 

Gross Tonnage: 110,000 GT
Length: 952 feet
Decks: 13 passenger decks
Passenger capacity: 2,974 people
Maximum passenger capacity: 3,966 people
Staterooms: 1,487 rooms
Crew: 1,160 members

Originally built by Fincantieri in Italy, for a cost of $500 million, the ship was christened in July 2005, in Civitavecchia, Italy, by godmother and actress Mira Sorvino. 

After enjoying a few years at sea, the ship underwent a basic dry dock in 2008, which added some enhancements to the Lido Deck and the Circle C lounge for preteens, as well as provided routine cosmetic enhancements.

Carnival Liberty Cruise Ship (Photo Credit: Ron Cogswell / Creative Commons)

However, after just six years, Carnival decided to invest yet another $500 million into the ship, completely renovating it and bringing it up to FUN 2.0 standards.

This fleet-wide initiative all started with Carnival Liberty and changed the fleet for good, as each vessel gradually underwent a refurbishment. New additions, venues and overall fun that the FUN 2.0 and other simultaneous enhancements brought to the ship included…

Guy’s Burger Joint
RedFrog Rum Bar
BlueIguana Tequila Bar
BlueIguana Cantina
EA Sports Bar
Alchemy Bar
The first DJ academy at sea 
The Serenity adults-only retreat

Carnival Liberty Open Decks (Photo Credit: GoBOb / Shutterstock)

The 2011 FUN 2.0 dry dock also brought new cosmetic upgrades to the ship. Since this major overhaul, other, less dramatic renovations have taken place in 2016 and 2021 (in Cadiz, Spain), to provide maintenance and cosmetic changes, as well as a new hull design and paint scheme in 2021. 

There are nearly 1,500 staterooms on Carnival Liberty and these staterooms can be broken down into the following categories and quantities:

54 suites 
521 balcony staterooms
337 ocean view staterooms
575 interior staterooms
29 accessible staterooms 

While this ship has received some major upgrades, it’s also worth noting that the ship’s staterooms may not be as luxurious as what you might get on one of Carnival’s brand-new ships. After all, enhancements aside, this ship is still nearly 20 years old. So what can you expect in each stateroom category?

Carnival Cruise Line Inside Stateroom

In interior staterooms, the decor is mostly Carnival orange, and interior staterooms feature just enough room for two travelers to comfortably cruise.

The interior staterooms category includes a few, select porthole and picture window interior staterooms, both of which make a nice option if you don’t want to upgrade to an ocean view stateroom, but you feel like a traditional interior stateroom is a bit cramped.

Just note you won’t get any grand view with a porthole or picture window; expect to look at the interior of the ship or something similarly uninteresting.

Carnival Cruise Line Balcony Stateroom

Ocean view staterooms are slightly larger and include sitting areas and big, rectangular windows along the far wall of each cabin. Otherwise, the decor and aesthetic are the same as what you’ll find in interior staterooms.

Balcony staterooms also include “premium,” “premium vista” and “aft-view extended” balcony staterooms. The balcony staterooms are much like the ocean view staterooms, just with the added furnished balcony and a larger window overlooking the balcony.

However, the premium vista balcony staterooms stand apart with multiple windows and bigger, better views, so they’re the way to go if you want more space and better scenery, without the suite price tag. 

The suites aboard Carnival Liberty are broken down into 2 Captain’s suites, 10 Grand suites, and 42 Ocean and junior suites.

Ocean, grand and junior suites are similar to the general staterooms in decor and design, but do offer more space and luxurious amenities. Expect walk-in closets and whirlpool tubs.

Carnival Cruise Line Suite (Photo Copyright: Cruise Hive)

The captain’s suites have definitely been upgraded to a greater degree than the general staterooms and other suites, and offer a slightly more refined, upscale aesthetic.

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The captain’s suites are also the only suites to offer a truly private sleeping area, with a bedroom separate from the suite’s main living space. Suite guest extra perks include:

Priority check-in and boarding
Priority Main Dining Room time assignment
Priority debarkation at homeport, and ports of call requiring a water shuttle or with arrival times later than 9:30 Am
Two large bottles of water
Pillow-top mattress

As any Carnival fan will tell you, the cruise line generally does a good job with outfitting all of its ships with plenty of free dining options. Here’s what you can get when you’re on a Carnival Liberty cruise, thanks to those FUN 2.0 refurbishments and additions:

Guy’s Burger Joint

Guy’s Burger Joint, for casual bites brought to you courtesy of Guy Fieri
BlueIguana Cantina, a Mexican cantina 
Lido Marketplace, the ship’’s buffet
The ship’s two main dining rooms, for three-course meals in an upscale setting
Pizza Pirate, for 24/7 slices 
Swirls, for soft serve and frozen yogurt
Sweet Spot, for more treats

If you do want to expand your dining experiences during a Carnival Liberty cruise beyond just the complimentary eateries, you’ll have a good handful of selections in that instance, too.

Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse

The specialty restaurants on Carnival Liberty include:  

The Steakhouse, where they give you exactly what’s in the name
The Seafood Shack, for a casual, New England seafood shack-style experience
The Chef’s Table, a specialty dining experience highlighting the best of the best in Carnival dining
Room service, for 24-hour service in you stateroom or suite 
The Coffee Bar, offering both coffee and pastries

Watering holes are also plentiful aboard Carnival Liberty. During your cruise, you can grab a drink at…

Carnival Liberty Alchemy Bar

Alchemy Bar, for mixed drinks
RedFrog Pub, for Caribbean-inspired drinks and beers
BlueIguana Tequila Bar, for tequila-based drinks
RedFrog Rum Bar, for rum-based drinks
The Piano Bar, for live music with your drink
SkyBox Sports Bar, the new iteration of what was once the EA Sports Bar
The Casino Bar, for gambling alongside a drink or two 

As is the case with all Carnival ships, Carnival Liberty offers a multitude of ways to have fun. Here are just a few of the activities you can expect to fill your itinerary during your cruise.

The entertainment aboard a Carnival Liberty cruise is really top notch. You’ll find no trouble discovering a show you like every night of the week, whether you want something interactive and family-friendly, or you want to get lost in a great musical production.

Carnival Liberty Promenade Deck (Photo Credit: Ihor Koptilin / Shutterstock)

Some of your options include Hasbro, The Game Show, where your favorite board games come to life in a larger-than-life, family-friendly, audience-participation-required show.

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Playlist Productions offers an impressive lineup of musicals and theatrical productions, but this is no small town (er, small ship) play. Expect spectacular talent and high production levels when it comes to the stage tech, scenery and costumes.

At The Punchliner Comedy Club, you’ll laugh yourself silly, and you can choose to attend a more PG-rated show, or something a little more risqué after dark.

For the adults, they can head to Serenity, an adults-only retreat that’s filled with sunny day beds, its own pool and a bar, so you never have to leave in order to have a great cruising experience.

Adults-Only Serenity Area (Photo Credit: Ihor Koptilin / Shutterstock)

Hey, parents! Want to head to one of the bars or nighttime activities that aren’t as suitable for the kids, maybe get in a nice date night? Carnival provides the Night Owls program to watch your kids in fun and safety until the very wee hours of the morning.

You can’t go home from vacation looking like all you’ve done during your Carnival Liberty cruise is party (although, we won’t blame you if that’s what you indeed do).

Carnival Liberty Deck (Photo Credit: Ihor Koptilin / Shutterstock)

Make sure you make a stop at the spa and take advantage of all the great treatment options, so that you come back from vacation looking refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. There are beauty and wellness therapies, massages, facials, hair treatments, medi-treatments and men’s services.

With so many tempting dining and drinking options always at the ready, it could easily be possible to put on a few pounds while you’re at sea. If you’re watching your waistline and want to stay in shape during your short getaway, visit the ship’s fitness center.

The 15,000-square-foot space includes all the equipment you need, including weight machines, free weights, stationary bikes, treadmills and more. They all give you great views of the water from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Obviously, you don’t want to go for a cruise without taking a dip in the pool, and Carnival Liberty has more than enough options for everyone. There are two pools, a water slide and more than half a dozen hot tubs.

Photo Credit: Debbie Ann Powell / Shutterstock.com

The Carnival Liberty casino is outfitted with every game and gambling option you can imagine. Slots, blackjack, other table games, poker, even scratch-offs — It’s all there for you to enjoy, and all with a tasty drink from the casino bar.

Carnival Cruise Casino (Photo Credit: Ihor Koptilin / Shutterstock)

There’s always a game to be played when cruising on Carnival Liberty. Check the daily schedule and get ready for some friendly fun as you go head to head with fellow cruisers during fun activities like bingo, mini golf, arcade games, art trivia games, basketball and more.

Golf on the Open Deck (Photo Credit: Ihor Koptilin / Shutterstock)

For the kids, there are options for every age group. At Camp Ocean, kids from ages 2 to 11 enjoy activities both educational and just for fun, all led by trained instructors. For preteens, Circle C is a hot spot that offers activities catered just to them. Then, for the teens, Club O2 is the trendiest, coolest spot on the ship.

One of the most beloved family-friendly features on a Carnival Liberty cruise, though, is Seuss at Sea, a lineup of programming which includes breakfast with your favorite Dr. Seuss characters, a Seuss-inspired parade and more.

Does a Carnival Liberty cruise sound exactly like what your family needs? You can browse the best cruise itineraries for the ship below.

How old is Carnival Liberty?

Originally built by Fincantieri in Italy, for a cost of $500 million, Carnival Liberty was christened and then rolled out in July 2005. Since then, the ship has undergone numerous renovations, including a major FUN 2.0 overhaul in 2011 that cost another $500 million.

How many pools are on Carnival Liberty?

There are two main pools on Carnival Liberty’s Deck 9. There’s also a waterslide and several hot tubs scattered throughout the ship (including in the Serenity adults-only retreat).

What class ship is Carnival Liberty?

Carnival Liberty is a Conquest-class ship. The Conquest class debuted in 2002 with the introduction of Carnival Conquest. Sister ships to follow included Carnival Glory, Carnival Valor, Carnival Liberty and Carnival Freedom. All of the ships are 110,000 GT and are considered slightly larger versions of Carnival’s Destiny class.

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