Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador John Heald recently commented on bringing magnets onboard, noting that not ALL magnetic items are necessarily permitted.

The concern has arisen following a photo posted from a Carnival stateroom showing a home theater projector setup, complete with a ceiling-mounted projector and a screen attached to the cabin wall.

Many cruise travelers bring different types of magnets onboard for storage and organization in their staterooms, but it turns out that not every type of magnet is permitted, as some Carnival Cruise Line guests learned recently.

In a picture circulating online, guests in an interior Carnival stateroom – identifiable by the wall trim and bedside lamps – have set up an impromptu movie theater, complete with a magnet-mounted projector attached to the ceiling, a white screen on the wall, and cords secured by additional magnetic hooks so they aren’t dangling.

Despite the obvious care and ingenuity taken with the setup, such installations are still not permitted. “We do allow magnets on board but ummmm, not for this,” John Heald, Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador, commented.

While it may seem that such a setup would be no problem, there are safety concerns with such suspended equipment. “Ship moves, something falls on head of the guest or cabin attendant plus the fire safety issues,” Heald explained.

Carnival Cruise Cabin

In the photo, the rear of the projector is just inches from the stateroom’s smoke detector, which could cause an accidental alert if the sensor detected heat or ventilation discharge from the projector.

Furthermore, if any of the magnets were to loosen, the equipment could fall on the guests or on the cabin attendant, causing serious injuries.

The positioning of the equipment might also interfere with the ship’s sprinkler operation, if there were an emergency that activated the sprinkler system.

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It should be noted that neither magnets nor home projector equipment are on Carnival Cruise Line’s prohibited items list at this time. Some similar items, such as “satellite disks, routers, and other internet-related equipment” as well as “boom boxes/large radios” are not permitted onboard.

The prohibited items policy also states that “Digital Cameras/Camcorders, DVDs/VCRs, USB sticks, iPods, Nintendo/X-Box Play Units cannot be used with the TV in the guest stateroom or suite as the connection ports are disabled.”

Experienced cruisers have had mixed reactions to the traveling movie theater. Many guests understand the desire for a larger viewing screen, or else to have access to more movies than may be available on the cruise line’s limited television stations or through sometimes inadequate Wi-Fi streaming services.

Carnival Elation Cruise Ship (Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz)

Such a setup could also be great for kids who may need a quiet space to chill with their favorite movies or cartoons, or just for a relaxing area to watch a movie, order room service, and enjoy a lazy day at sea.

Other travelers have expressed thoughts that such equipment would take up too much room in the luggage, take too long to set up properly, or simply be of limited use when there are so many other activities – including Seaside Theater dive-in movies – available onboard.

Many guests have expressed a desire for greater channel availability on in-stateroom televisions, or else for more movies to be on offer in cabins. This may not be possible, however, due to licensing agreements as well as satellite reception for different channels and networks.

Small magnets, magnetic hooks, or magnetic clips can be a great travel accessory, even if cruisers aren’t so creative as to put together an in-stateroom theater. Depending on the magnet style, hook or clip size (if applicable), or strength, they can be used for:

Adding fast hanging spots for hats, bags, belts, lanyards, necklaces, etc.
Hanging larger pocket storage organizers to store small items.
Keeping curtains closed to darken the room for better sleep.
Holding back a flapping shower curtain for more bathroom space.
Hanging celebration decorations or small party lights, including door decorations.
Impromptu drying space for swimwear, wet socks, etc.
Holding daily newsletters, shore excursion tickets, and other papers.

Have you brought magnets onboard a cruise? What do you use them for? Share your own ingenuity on the Cruise Hive boards!

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