Carnival Cruise Line has raised the price for bottled water on their ships that you can order pre-cruise or after you board.

Carnival Cruise Line does not allow guests to bring bottled water, or any type of beverages in bottles on cruises. They have once again raised the price of Crystal Geyser Natural Spring Water that they offer on their ships.

The new prices are as follows:

12-pack of bottled water (16.9-ounce bottle/500-ml bottle): $14.95 (plus an 18% delivery fee) 
1 large bottled water (50.72-ounce bottle/1.5-liter bottle): $4.50 (plus an 18% delivery fee)
8-pack of bottled water (50.72-ournce bottle/1.5-liter bottle): $24.95 (plus an 18% delivery fee)

Carnival has made a steep price increase for 12-packs of water compared to two years ago.  In 2022, a 12-pack was priced at just $4.95 plus delivery fee. This price has now tripled in two years. Large bottled water has seen a small increase of 50 cents while the 8-packs of large water bottles have gone up $4.95.

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Guest can pre-order water bottles through Carnival’s The Fun Shops prior to their cruise and it will be delivered to their cabins on embarkation day. They can also order it once on board through Room Service.

For guests who need distilled water, that can also be purchased at the price of $3.25 per gallon plus 18% delivery fee. Carnival recommends that guests contact the cruise line prior to the cruise so they can ensure that the ship has an adequate supply.

Carnival Cruise Line first banned bottled water from being brought on their ships in June 2015. When they did, they charged $2.99 for a 12-pack if purchased prior to the cruise.

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