Cruise ships are often compared to small cities and the newest vessels are so large, there is often too much to uncover in just a week’s time.

However, even the world’s most seasoned cruisers may not be aware of some hidden features onboard these ships.

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There are numerous secrets cruise lines won’t tell you, so no matter how many times you set sail on the high seas, you may never uncover them. There are, however, hidden places onboard you never knew existed, cruise lines aren’t advertising, but aren’t exactly keeping secret either.

To really be in the know, we’ve complied a thoughtful list of the 9 places on a cruise ship you never knew existed. Think jail cells, and morgues (yes, you read that correctly!), to private areas for crew members no passenger would ever enter, and more.

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Here are the places no passenger would ever embark upon, and until now, would probably never have thought existed.

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1. The Brig (AKA: Jail)

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Speaking of these hidden decks, you’ll find a lot more than rows of interior cabins for crew members. As stated, the crew is typically working onboard for months on end and therefore, cruise lines had to provide accommodations.

You’ll often find (online that is, as passengers aren’t permitted in these areas) bars, restaurants, recreation and lounge areas in addition to the aforementioned hidden pools. The crew members refe5r to their bar as the “OB” meaning, “Officer’s Bar”. Rumor is drinks are a lot cheaper below deck.

Next time you’re onboard and see a “Crew Only” sign displayed, you may have a faint idea of what’s behind it.

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5. Ultra-Luxe Suites

Disney Wish Tower Suite. Renderings courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Have you ever wondered where the rich and famous stay when they cruise? Most cruise lines don’t exactly advertise these rooms to the general public, but they’re definitely on board and often in plain sight.

For example, on Disney Cruise Line’s newest vessel the Wish, there is a Wish Tower suite. You won’t find this room available on the Disney Cruise Line reservations website, but it’s available to make your cruise more magical – and more luxurious.

This mega suite is a nearly 2,000 square foot (so, basically the size of a single-family home) two floor, four bedroom accommodation with Moana theming throughout. If you want to access this room, you’ll have to take the private elevator on the 10th and 11th floors, which are purposely hidden.

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6. Access to the Bow

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