On Friday, September 15, 2023, Unimedien photographed Disney’s yet to be named third Wish Class (Triton Class) ship’s floating engine room unit, or FERU for short at the Neptune Weft facility in Rostock, Germany.

The s.706 FERU is equipped with five main engines of type 12V 51/60DF as well as the two LNG tanks. The block was removed from the Neptune Werft hall and sits on a floating dock in front of the hall. Soon, the floating dock will be flooded and the FERU will be launched. Eventually, the FERU for the third Wish Class ship will be transferred from Rostock via the North-Baltic Sea Canal and the Ems upwards to Papenburg with tugboat assistance.

For a timeline reference, the Disney Treasure FERU was spotted outside the Neptune Werft shipyard in January 2023 and later conveyed to Meyer Werft in March.

Disney Cruise Line commissioned MEYER WERFT with the construction of three new ships with the third scheduled for delivery in 2025. Similar to the other Disney Wish and Disney Treasure, the latest addition to the Disney fleet will feature an eco-friendly LNG drive system.

Construction Milestones

Neptun Werft – Rostock, GermanyFloating Engine Room Construction

September 15, 2023 – Floating Engine Room Unit (FERU) Moored at Neptune Werft



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