The search has ended for a man reported overboard and missing from Royal Caribbean International’s Liberty of the Seas last week, without any strong conclusion. The US Coast Guard released a brief note about the suspension but has not clarified whether or not the man has been found, regardless of his condition.

The US Coast Guard District Seven (Southeast) has released a brief note confirming the suspension of search operations for the 20-year-old man reported overboard from Liberty of the Seas on Thursday, April 4. The search ended after six days without success, but the statement does not note whether any evidence of the man’s whereabouts has been found.

“The search for the 20-year-old individual off Great Inagua has been suspended pending the development of new information,” the note on social media read.

The search was suspended on the morning of Wednesday, April 10, six days after the man was first reported overboard. The troubling incident happened on Thursday, April 4, when witnesses reported that the passenger deliberately went overboard in front of family members at approximately 4:30 a.m. following an apparent argument with a family member.

The Broward County police department identified the man as Levion Parker of North Port, Florida, once the search was suspended. North Port is a small city on the state’s west coast, between Fort Myers and Tampa.

Alcohol consumption is suspected as a factor in the incident but has not been confirmed by the cruise line. Alcohol consumption by anyone under the age of 21 onboard a Royal Caribbean vessel sailing from the US or the Caribbean is prohibited.

The 155,889-gross-ton, Freedom-class cruise ship was 57 miles from Great Inagua Island in The Bahamas at the time and crew members immediately initiated search operations and alerted the US Coast Guard for assistance.

Liberty of the Seas Cruise Ship Overboard (Photo Credit: Enrico Powell / Shutterstock)

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Now, without “the development of new information,” the search will not be continued any longer. Given the distance from shore, water conditions, possible inebriation, and other factors, the chances of a successful search are very slim.

New information could include any additional sightings in the search area, reports of debris that might be related to the man, or additional information from family members or any onboard investigation. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that any new information will be noted in this case.

While there was a brief delay initially as search operations were begun, Liberty of the Seas successfully completed the 4-night Eastern Caribbean cruise she was sailing at the time, and has since sailed a 3-night Bahamas Perfect Day itinerary (April 5-8) and is now on another 4-night Bahamas sailing (April 8-12).

There have been no significant delays to the ship’s operation and her itineraries have not been altered in light of this incident. This is standard practice for any cruise line, even when such troubling incidents occur.

Royal Caribbean has provided support to family members, friends, and crew members impacted by this upsetting event, but to preserve the privacy of those involved, has released few details and no identifying information.

Liberty of the Seas is homeported from Fort Lauderdale through the end of April, at which time she will reposition to New Jersey to spend several months offering Bermuda and Canada/New England itineraries. The ship will return to Fort Lauderdale at the end of October.

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