Royal Caribbean Group and IBS Software announced a strategic partnership on November 2, 2023, intending to deploy cutting-edge retail technology to enhance the operations of the cruise company, promising a more seamless vacation experience for their guests.

The new software that Royal is implementing with IBS means guests will have a much smoother and trouble-free experience as they book cruises, flights, hotels, transfers, and much more ahead of their voyage onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. 

Royal Caribbean Group and IBS Software have formed a partnership that will bring new and better ways to how guests book their travel experience with Royal’s three cruise lines, Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and Silversea. 

The iTravelCruise travel platform by IBS Software, which also works with Asian cruise line Resorts World Cruises, aims to provide a seamless customer experience, whether the guest is interacting online from a desktop or mobile device, or seeking assistance through customer service channels, throughout their experience with Royal Caribbean. 

Through this integrated approach, the goal is to make every step, from booking to post-vacation interactions, consistent, personalized, and efficient.

As a result, guests will find it easier to book flights, hotels, and transfers along with their cruises, receiving personalized offers, credits, and loyalty rewards throughout their journey using an integrated guest wallet. 

The iTravelCruise platform is designed to deliver a faster, more flexible, and seamless booking experience for guests, ensuring every interaction from booking to disembarkation is smooth and hassle-free.

Marta Poulter, Chief Information Officer at Royal Caribbean Group, emphasized the importance of this technological upgrade: “At Royal Caribbean Group we never stand still in our mission to constantly bring our guests new and differentiated experiences. This is made possible by replacing legacy technology with the latest cloud-based retail systems, as it gives guests far more flexibility over what they can book to make their trip as seamless and easy as possible.”

Royal Caribbean and IBS Software

Royal Caribbean calls the collaboration with IBS Software a significant step toward transitioning from a product-centric to a guest-centric approach. In essence, the software will enable the cruise company to better bundle and personalize services for guests. 

This approach facilitates a more streamlined process for guests to not only book cruises but also to organize every aspect of their voyage.

Rafeh Masood, Chief Growth and Digital Officer at Royal Caribbean Group shed light on the broader vision: “By adopting this modern digital platform, we’ll offer more opportunities to our guests to continue vacationing and building memories with us, with the benefits of flexible, personalized offerings.”

The use of IBS Software can best be described if we look at how a guest books a cruise via Royal Caribbean International’s website, now powered by IBS Software’s iTravelCruise platform.

Upon selecting the cruise, the platform suggests bundled packages for flights, hotels, and transfers, tailored to the guest’s travel dates and destination, simplifying the booking process. As the cruise date approaches, the platform makes personalized offers on excursions and onboard amenities, allowing for pre-booking of experiences. 

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Upon boarding, the crew is already aware of the guest’s preferences, reservations, and any special requests made online, making the long wait at guest services on embarkation day unnecessary. During the cruise, the platform continues to offer personalized experiences and keeps the guest informed of their schedule and any changes in real-time.

As the cruise concludes, there is a streamlined checkout process through the platform, with an itemized bill and updates on earned loyalty points sent to the guest’s registered email. 

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Even after returning home, the engagement continues as the platform requests feedback and provides recommendations for future cruises based on the guest’s preferences and activities during the voyage. 

While many will see this as just another sales gimmick, the collaboration between Royal Caribbean and IBS Software is a shift towards a more guest-focused approach in the cruise industry, making it more personalized and seamless. It’s a step towards redefining how guests interact and experience their cruise.

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