Update: Carnival Cruise Line has fixed the pricing issue on their website. The cruise line is issuing refunds to everyone who purchased the drink packages at the discounted rate due to the glitch. In addition to a refund, they will also receive a one-time discount code for a future purchase on Carnival’s website.

Original Article: Cruisers who had a cruise booked on a Carnival cruise ship received a surprise last night when they logged into their accounts on Carnival.com.

A pricing glitch caused the price of their CHEERS! beverage package to be significantly reduced. The normal price of the CHEERS! beverage package is $59.95 per day, per person if purchased prior to the cruise. Once on the ship, the price goes up to $64.95 per day plus 18% gratuity.

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When cruisers went to check out last night and pre-purchase the package, it was only charging them for one day and not for the entire cruise. The package must be purchased for the entire cruise and not just for a day or two.

Since all adults in a cabin have to purchase the package if one decides to, many cruisers were able to book CHEERS! for just $141 for two (with gratuity) for their entire cruise. This is a discount from just under $1,000 for what two would pay for a seven night cruise.

CHEERS! beverage package allows Carnival cruisers unlimited non-alcoholic drinks each day of their cruise and up to 15 alcoholic beverages each day.

The glitch also affected Carnival’s Bottomless Bubbles package that offers unlimited soda and juices for $11 per day. Like the CHEERS! package, cruisers were only charged for one day and not the entire cruise.

The glitch seems to affect any package, including WiFi, that Carnival Cruise Line offers that is priced per day.

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A few years ago, Royal Caribbean had a similar glitch where pricing for their beverage package was lowered to $18 a day on their website. The cruise line decided in the end to honor the pricing for everyone who booked the discounted rate.

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