Norwegian Cruise Line was the first major cruise line to add cabins for solo travelers where they didn’t have to pay double occupancy.  Now, NCL is adding solo cabins to every cruise ship in their fleet.

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced plans to double the amount of solo cabins on their cruise ships starting on January 2, 2024.

NCL is adding nearly 1,000 solo cabins that will include inside, ocean view, and balcony staterooms. Prices for these cabins will be less than paying double occupancy in a traditional stateroom. These cabins will open for bookings this week.

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Cruisers who book one of these three types of solo cabins will receive access to the Studio Lounge (on ships that have one). The Studio Lounge features a dedicated space to relax, a bar equipped with beer and wine and a variety of snacks served daily.

David J. Herrera, president of Norwegian Cruise Line, gave the following statement about the new solo cabins, “We strive to provide our guests with diverse offerings to create their dream vacation. Since we first launched our solo staterooms in 2010 with Norwegian Epic, they have been quite popular with single travelers. We are continuously listening to our guests to deliver the experience they want. After realizing the growing demand of individuals looking to travel on their own, we have now expanded single occupancy staterooms across our fleet.”

Norwegian Cruise Line currently has nine ships with solo cabins. By the start of next year, every NCL ship will feature them.

The cruise line said that one of the reasons why they are adding them to every ship is due to the cruise line seeing an increase in guests traveling solo booking traditional staterooms as a single occupant.

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