Royal Caribbean International offers another tantalizing glimpse into its upcoming mega-ship, Icon of the Seas, focusing on its extensive beverage program.

In the latest installment of the video series ‘Making an Icon,’ the cruise line unveils what promises to be an immersive drinking experience, carefully crafted to please every type of guest.

Besides a massive array of swimming pools, the largest waterpark at sea, and many more exciting prospects onboard Icon of the Seas, one of the areas that Royal Caribbean International is paying a lot of attention to is its beverage program. 

In the newest episode of Royal Caribbean’s web series ‘Making an Icon,’ the cruise line explains how it has developed a completely new line-up of beverage experiences for young and old onboard its new LNG-powered cruise ship.

Jason Liberty, President and CEO of Royal Caribbean Group: “Our incredible beverage team really have embraced the neighborhoods, whether it’s Surfside or Central Park. The experience with beverage leaves our guests wanting more.”

According to the video, the team sought to balance choice, convenience, and variety, offering more than 60 brand-new cocktails designed explicitly for Icon of the Seas across more than 15 bars and lounges spread out across the vessel.

Michael Bayley, President and CEO of Royal Caribbean International: “You have to find the right blend of beverage experiences. There’s the party, there’s the bar, there’s the swim-up bar, and then we have, you know, traditional spaces and places for wine or for cocktails.”

“When you make the statement, the ultimate family vacation, you’ve really got to make sure you tick every single part.” An array of experts in architecture, food, beverage entertainment, and more spent months researching, testing, and refining the ship’s beverage options.

Icon of the Seas‘ 15 bars and lounges will each have its own identity. The venues were designed to suit any mood or vibe, from Lou’s Jazz‘n Blues, to a champagne window called ‘Bubbles’ in Central Park.

Notably, the ship will also host the first bar for adults and kids, ‘Lemon Post,’ offering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Old favorites such as The Attic, Music Hall, Trellis Bar, Boleros, and the Schooner Bar will also be present onboard.

Render Courtesy: Royal Caribbean

Perhaps one of the most exciting additions is a multi-purpose elevated lounge called ‘The Overlook’ in the AquaDome. The elevated lounge also introduces what Royal calls ‘pods’ – intimate spaces where friends can enjoy a drink or simply kick back and listen to live music.

As for non-alcoholic choices, the same care has been extended as in the alcoholic program. The focus is on exciting and thematic non-alcoholic beverages that align with the venue’s personality.

The culinary team didn’t hold back on desserts either; a milkshake bar called ‘Dessert’ promises an array of ‘freak shakes’ topped with cakes, cookies, sprinkles, and candies.

With the various episodes of ‘Making an Icon’ making guests eager to sail onboard, they will need to wait a little longer. Under construction in Finland, the ship has already completed its first set of sea trials, and another set of trials is expected to occur later this year.

Render Courtesy: Royal Caribbean

Icon of the Seas, at 250,800 gross tons, will be the world’s biggest cruise ship and a ship that will define what cruising can be in this day and age. The first cruise sets sail on January 27, 2024, with the ship sailing on alternating cruises to the eastern and western Caribbean from PortMiami.

Icon of the Seas aims to be a vessel where every family member, irrespective of age, finds something to their taste—be it adventure, relaxation, or the perfect drink. The cruise line sets the stage for what seems to be a cruise experience where every sip tells a story.

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