If you’re already excitedly anticipating booking a cruise on Royal Caribbean’s new Icon of the Seas, aka the largest cruise ship in the world, you’re not alone. This ship has been making headlines for months now, as avid cruisers and avid travelers in general look forward to future sailings. 

Icon of the Seas is set to offer a wealth of unique and new features. However, it’s not just the dining and entertainment that’s sure to turn heads. The Icon of the Seas suites and staterooms are just as impressive.

So, how do you choose the perfect Icon of the Seas cabin for your family or other traveling crew? Here’s everything you need to know before you book.

There are nearly 30 types of rooms you can choose from on Icon of the Seas, including both Icon of the Seas suites and staterooms, for 2,805 options in total, to fit more than 7,000 passengers at maximum capacity.

All the cabins have a smart design, with more storage compared to other Royal Caribbean cruise ships, USB ports and outlets, and a modern design. Guests can also take advantage of adjusting their cabin’s lighting and temperature with their phone, using the Royal Caribbean App, which is a first for the fleet.

Icon of the Seas Accommodations Guide

Staterooms alone can be broken down into just a few broad categories: 535 interior staterooms, 276 ocean view staterooms and 1,815 balcony staterooms. The balcony staterooms account for the majority of the ship’s accommodation options. 

Most staterooms are suitable for at least two passengers, but some are better suited to families than others. Here’s what you need to know

At 156 square feet, these cabins are the smallest option and really only suitable for a max of two travelers. They give you everything you need in a cabin, and nothing you don’t, so don’t expect any frills or thrills here. It’s a basic — if high-end and brand-new — cabin, most suited to those who don’t plan on spending much time in their cabin during their cruise in the first place.

Icon of the Seas Interior Cabin

– Room Size: 156 square feet– Balcony Size: NA– Occupancy: 2– Decks: 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14– Number of Cabins: 75

These rooms measure in at 157 square feet and offer walk-in closets. They’re not as large as the Spacious Interior Cabins, but they’re still quite nice. They’re the perfect luxury option for a traveling couple or a single traveler, who either prefers interior cabins or who doesn’t want to splurge on a larger cabin.

Interior Plus Room

– Room Size: 157 square feet– Balcony Size: NA– Occupancy: 2– Decks: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11– Number of Cabins: 203

At 178 square feet, these cabins are pretty much exactly like the Standard Interior Cabins, but you get just a little extra space to spread out.

Spacious Interior Cabin

– Room Size: 178 square feet– Balcony Size: NA– Occupancy: 2–3– Decks: 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14– Number of Cabins: 192

These cabins replace the boardwalk view cabins that you may have seen on Oasis class Royal Caribbean ships. They measure in at 187 square feet, so they’re a little bigger than some of the other interior cabin options, but not quite as large as some of the ocean view and balcony cabins. These staterooms are located on the interior of Icon of the Seas, but offer a view of the surfside neighborhood.

Surfside Family View Interior Cabin

– Room Size: 187 square feet– Balcony Size: NA– Occupancy: 3–4– Decks: 8– Number of Cabins: 20

These interior cabins offer views of the Central Park neighborhood. You get a little natural light and lots of people watching opportunities, but no ocean view.

Central Park View Interior Cabin

– Room Size: 187 square feet– Balcony Size: NA– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 9– Number of Cabins: 45

Measuring in at 258 square feet, the panoramic ocean view rooms offer floor-to-ceiling views and ocean views. These cabins, while they don’t have a balcony, are actually larger than some of the balcony cabins, so you might find them worth your consideration if you prioritize interior space. You’ll hardly notice the balcony is gone, anyway, when you take a look at that gorgeous view right next to the plush bed.

Panoramic Ocean View Cabin

– Room Size: 258 square feet– Balcony Size: NA– Occupancy: 3– Decks: 14– Number of Cabins: 12

These cabins are your basic ocean view stateroom. While they’re modern, luxurious and beautiful, just like every cabin on this ship, they still just have that standard, square window on the far side of the cabin wall, so keep that in mind if you’re wanting something new, fresh and different.

Standard Ocean View Cabin

– Room Size: 160–187 square feet– Balcony Size: NA– Occupancy: 2–4– Decks: 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11– Number of Cabins: 264

These cabins are available in both a standard, ocean-view balcony variant, as well as in a connected variant, in case you want to book a stay next to your fellow travelers, but don’t want to actually travel with them, inside the same cabin.

Icon of the Seas Ocean View Balcony

– Room Size: 204 square feet– Balcony Size: 50 square feet– Occupancy: 2–4– Decks: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14– Number of Cabins: 738 + 86

Want even more outdoor space than what the Standard Ocean View Balcony cabins on Icon of the Seas offer? Then you’ll want to book an Ocean View Large Balcony cabin, with up to 20 more square feet of outside living space.

Ocean View Large Balcony Cabin

– Room Size: 204 square feet– Balcony Size: 65–70 square feet– Occupancy: 3–4– Decks: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12– Number of Cabins: 84

While you won’t get a sea view with these balcony cabins, you will enjoy views of the ship’s Central Park neighborhood. People watch from your balcony and enjoy the fresh air that filters in from the neighborhood’s open-air design.

Central Park Balcony Cabin

– Room Size: 196 square feet– Balcony Size: 50 square feet– Occupancy: 3–4– Decks: 14– Number of Cabins: 42

The Infinite Ocean View Balcony offers a unique twist on the standard balcony cabin that you might be accustomed to on most cruise ships. A new offering for the cruise line, the cabins offer a typical balcony, but it’s separated from the rest of the cabin via a glass wall that can be partially lowered, for more of an inside-outside living space.

Infinite Ocean View Balcony Cabin

– Room Size: 200 square feet– Balcony Size: 50 square feet– Occupancy: 1–4– Decks: 9, 10, 11– Number of Cabins: 429

These cabins are just like the Infinite Ocean View Balcony Cabins, but they’re a little larger so that they can accommodate families with ease. These cabins can sleep up to six, with plenty of space for families to live and play without feeling cramped. Think nicely separated sleeping arrangements and a split bathroom, with a shower and sink on one side and a sink and toilet on the other side. The cabin also features multiple televisions.

Family Infinite Ocean View Balcony Cabin

– Room Size: 285 square feet– Balcony Size: 50 square feet– Occupancy: 6– Decks: 9, 10, 11– Number of Cabins: 78

These family-oriented cabins are in the Surfside area of the ship, but they offer the traditional balcony layout that you might find elsewhere on Icon of the Seas.

Surfside Family View Balcony Cabin

– Room Size: 196 square feet– Balcony Size: 50 square feet– Occupancy: 3–4– Decks: 9, 10, 11, 12, 14– Number of Cabins: 172

In this cabin, you get that same Infinite balcony design, with the ability to enjoy indoor-outdoor space with just the push of a button. However, rather than enjoying the sea breeze, you’ll enjoy views of the Central Park neighborhood.

– Room Size: 200 square feet– Balcony Size: 50 square feet– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 10, 11, 12– Number of Cabins: 196

If you’re looking to upgrade your experience on Icon of the Seas, you’ll not be left wanting for options. The luxurious Icon of the Seas suites are sure to please even the most discerning traveler, and there are 179 suites for you to choose from. The ship even has the Suite Neighborhood that spans four decks and also features the new Grove Suite Sun Deck, a two-level Coastal Kitchen Mediterranean dining venue, and stunning views of the AquaDome.

Royal Caribbean has the Royal Suite Class, which is three different levels of benefits that suite guests can purchase. So, Icon of the Seas guests can enjoy the perks from Sea Class, Sky Class, or the highest Star Class. The Star Class level includes popular options such as Royal Genie, complimentary specialty restaurants, a deluxe beverage package, and more.

These smaller suites offer ocean views, a wall of glass so you can look out over your balcony and the ocean, and room enough for four across the pull-out sofa and window-facing bed.

Junior Suite

– Room Size: 322 square feet– Balcony Size: 80 square feet– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 9, 10, 11– Number of Cabins: 66

With these Icon of the Seas suites, you may get an ocean view, or you may get a view of the Surfside area of the ship, depending on the exact suite you book, so keep that in mind. Soaring ceilings and panoramic windows await, either way.

Sunset Junior Suite

– Room Size: 320–330 square feet– Balcony Size: 115–130 square feet– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 10– Number of Cabins: 4

At 269 square feet, this Icon of the Seas suite sleeps four and features separate sleeping areas that are nicely divided for families’ privacy. The 53-square-foot balcony, as the suite’s name would suggest, overlooks the ship’s Surfside area. Do note that this Icon of the Seas suite isn’t quite outfitted for four adult travelers; two adults and two children will be more comfortable.

Surfside Family Suite

– Room Size: 269 square feet– Balcony Size: 53 square feet– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 9, 10, 11– Number of Cabins:42

Sky Junior Suites are pretty much the same as a regular Junior Suite, but they get their name because they’re located on higher decks. There are also additional perks that come with this suite, such as access to the ship’s Suite neighborhood.

Sky Junior Suite

– Room Size: 322 square feet– Balcony Size: 80 square feet– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 16, 17– Number of Cabins: 8

Larger balconies and ocean views from a comfy large double bed await in a Sunset Suite. Book a Sunset Corner Suite for even better views and a larger balcony that shows off views of the ship’s wake.

Sunset Suites

– Room Size: 380–480 square feet– Balcony Size: 66–360 square feet– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 9, 11– Number of Cabins: 16

In the AquaDome, the Panoramic Suites offer floor-to-ceiling windows and furniture perfectly situated to allow you to take in the views. Unfortunately, these suites do not include balconies.

Panoramic Ocean View suite

– Room Size: 370–440 square feet– Balcony Size: NA– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 16, 17– Number of Cabins: 10

Much like the Infinite Balcony stateroom options, the Infinite Grand Suites offer a convertible glass wall separating your living space from the balcony, so you can enjoy an indoor-outdoor living experience. The Infinite Grand Suite sleeps four. A split bathroom makes getting ready for bed, the pool or just a day at port easier for busy traveling groups of two or more.

Infinite Grand Suite

– Room Size: 431 square feet– Balcony Size: 102 square feet– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 9– Number of Cabins: 6

Owner’s Suites are spacious, airy and relaxing, with a neutral and light blue color palette that draws the eye to the floor-to-ceiling glass doors that lead out to the balcony beyond the living space. Guests also enjoy a large bathroom with a double vanity.

Owner’s Suite

– Room Size: 658 square feet– Balcony Size: 190 square feet– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 16, 17– Number of Cabins: 8

Relatively small compared to some of the other Icon of the Seas suites, Grand Suites still provide plenty for small groups of travelers to love, with floor-to-ceiling views from the bed and a small living area.

Grand Suite

– Room Size: 431 square feet– Balcony Size: 108 square feet– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 16, 17– Number of Cabins: 10

You may be familiar with The Royal Loft, as it’s appeared on Royal Caribbean ships in the past. Still, that doesn’t take away from this suite’s luster. It offers loads of amenities and cool features, such as a wet bar, piano, hot tub on the balcony and more.

The Royal Loft

– Room Size: 1482 square feet– Balcony Size: 705 square feet– Occupancy: 6– Decks: 17– Number of Cabins: 1

There are seven Icon Loft Suites on the ship. Set over two floors (well, technically one floor is a loft, not a full floor), these suites provide plenty of space and privacy, thanks to the two separate bedrooms and bathrooms. There’s a living room and even a dining area, and a shower that can fit two.

Icon Loft Suite

– Room Size: 656 square feet– Balcony Size: 151–183 square feet– Occupancy: 4– Decks: 17– Number of Cabins: 7

Royal Caribbean introduced the Ultimate Family Suite a while ago, and if you loved all the cool amenities it offered, you’ll love the Ultimate Family Townhouse even more. There’s so much to enjoy here, including the in-suite slide for the kids, karaoke, theater, two balconies (totaling 750 square feet) and easy access for your seven co-travelers to explore the surrounding Surfside area of the ship.

The Ultimate Family Townhouse

– Room Size: 1772 square feet– Balcony Size: 751 square feet– Occupancy: 8– Decks: 8– Number of Cabins: 1

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