Holland America Line has just released information about its 2025 European season, currently open for reservations. This season promises an unprecedented increase in overnight stays and late departures in major European cities, offering guests more planning flexibility and the chance to enjoy local nightlife along with memorable getaways.

Now accepting bookings, Holland America Line has revealed details about its 2025 European season. The upcoming season boasts an unparalleled rise in overnight stays, along with a substantial uptick in late-night departures.

Holland America Line is luring voyagers by offering them holidays focused on culture, history, and regional scenery. With a surge in sailings spanning 10 days or more, plus an increased number of cruises to Iceland, and a total of 62 combined overnight visits or late-night voyages to prominent European cities, Holland America Line has a lot of options for the 2025 sailing season.

“For Holland America Line, Europe 2025 is all about longer cruises, extended time in port, and offering the most diverse range of itineraries from weeklong vacations to monthlong explorations,” said Beth Bodensteiner, Holland America Line CCO.

Athens, Greece (Photo Credit: GTS Productions / Shutterstock)

The cruise line will now provide 10 embarkation points for European cruises, including Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Barcelona in Spain, Boston in the US, and other locales. The wide variety of departure cities will give holidaymakers more flexibility for pre- and post-cruise options during their travels, as well as more convenience.

“We have 10 departure cities this season, and we are excited to be back homeporting in Rotterdam with two ships, deepening our connection to our founding city,” Bodensteiner added.

Additionally, there will be 11 ports of call where passengers can spend the night, such as Alexandria in Egypt, Barcelona, Reykjavik, Stockholm, and Trieste with access to Venice, plus other fascinating destinations.

Moreover, as part of its 2025 European season, Holland America Line has planned 32 late-evening departures in different cities. During these departures, ships will set sail between 10 p.m. and midnight, allowing passengers to make the most of their time ashore without cutting short an amazing evening meal or later adventures.

Noteworthy late-night departure points include Alesund in Norway; Barcelona and Malaga in Spain; Civitavecchia (Rome); South Queensferry (Edinburgh) in Scotland; Kerkira (Corfu) and Mykonos in Greece; and numerous others.

During the European season from April to November, the 82,305-ton Oosterdam will team up with the 99,902-ton Nieuw Statendam and the 99,935-ton Rotterdam for a collaboration of European voyages. 

Photo Courtesy: Holland America Line

Meanwhile, Zuiderdam will embark on a 35-day “Voyage of the Vikings” tour, offering flexible itineraries of 7 to 42 days. These routes cover an array of ports across diverse destinations such as the Baltic, British Isles, Canary Islands, Israel, Mediterranean, and Northern Europe. Noteworthy locations like Iceland, Greenland, and Norway are also included.

Further highlights include a28-day “Arctic Circle Crossing” with a special focus on Greenland. Rotterdam will offer a 14-day tour of Norway, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, and Sweden. In October, Nieuw Statendam explores the Holy Land on a 14-day cruise roundtrip from Piraeus (Athens), featuring overnights at Haifa and Rhodes.

Transatlantic voyages are also available in 2025, including Zuiderdam’s “Voyage of the Vikings.” Additionally, in October and November 2025, Nieuw StatendamRotterdam, and Oosterdam will set sail for Fort Lauderdale from different European ports. 

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Late-evening departures for cruise liners — of which Holland America Line has many slated for 2025 — provide guests with many advantages. Passengers are given more time to explore a port of call and immerse themselves in the local culture, attractions, and activities. 

Also, later sailings offer a more flexible schedule, accommodating those passengers who prefer a more relaxed pace, allowing them to fully experience the destination without feeling rushed. 

Photo Courtesy: Holland America Line

Late-evening departures often let guests avoid crowds as well. After most “day tourists” leave, cruise passengers can enjoy popular sites with fewer crowds, resulting in a more intimate experience along with the chance to enjoy the local nightlife, including evening entertainment options, dining, and socializing with local residents.

The cruise line also has a special value limited-time offer: Book 2025 European voyages with the “Have It All” package for perks like shore expeditions, specialty dining, complimentary Crew Appreciation prepayment, and upgrades to Elite Beverage Package and Premium Wi-Fi.

Initial fares for 2025 Europe sailings under the “Have It All” deal range from $1,449 to $8,749 (USD) per person. Mariner Society members can secure up to $400 onboard credit per stateroom via the Early Booking Bonus as well— if they book before November 15, 2023.

In addition to the obvious bonuses, early booking also benefits travelers by offering them more time to plan off work, plus more time to make payments as they anticipate a once-in-a-lifetime European getaway.

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