Disney Cruise Line has announced a unique and distinctive way that the most loyal of the cruise line’s loyal guests will be recognized.

Just in time for the 25th anniversary of Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line is planning a commemorative plank wall display to be installed on the private island for guests who have reached the milestone of an astonishing 50 magical sailings.

Disney Cruise Line is offering a new, unique benefit for guests who have sailed with the line for 50 cruises – the option to be included on a commemorative display on Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay.

The announcement comes as the cruise line celebrates its Silver Anniversary at Sea, recognizing 25 years of magical vacations – many of which have included visits to Castaway Cay, which first opened to guests in August 1998.

To be eligible for the recognition and have their family name engraved on the wall, guests will need to have sailed 50 or more cruises with Disney Cruise Line.

“This will recognize the legacy and heart of the Castaway Club, our members,” said Olivia Odom, Communication Manager for Disney Signature Experiences.

Castaway Cay Wall

There is no specific notation about total number of cruise days, which ships have been sailed, or other requirements necessary to receive the recognition.

The wall – which is shown in an artist’s rendering as an open horizontal plank design in tropical hues, will stretch along a pathway near the post office on Castaway Cay.

Each family name (last name only) can be accompanied by one of four signature mouse ears icons associated with the cruise line: a compass rose, ship’s wheel, anchor, or the classic Disney Cruise Line “wave” logo.

Initial renderings show family names well spaced out with just five per plank, but there is certainly space for the wall to be expanded with additional length and extra planks when needed.

Disney Cruise Line has not announced how many cruise families have yet reached the 50-sailing milestone. Earlier this year, the cruise line added the “Pearl” tier to its loyalty program with a threshold of just 25 sailings, so it is possible that few families yet qualify for this recognition.

Guests eligible for this recognition will receive an emailed invitation within 90 days after completing their fiftieth sailing. Certain sailings – such as complimentary cruises – may not count toward the 50-cruise total. Guests will have a limited time to complete their personalization request to be added to the wall.

There is no firm timeline yet for how often guests’ family names will be added to the wall once it is ready, but Disney Cruise Line predicts quarterly updates to the wall if a minimum of five names are approved for addition. If five family names are ready sooner, more frequent updates may be possible.

Photo Courtesy: Disney Cruise Line

Participation in the family wall is completely optional and guests can simply ignore the invitation if they prefer.

Additional terms and conditions of the recognition wall are that family names are limited to one per household (regardless of number of family members), and there is a 20 character limit per family name. Last names must also match guests’ Castaway Club records.

Disney Cruise Line has not clarified whether or not there will be a fee to have one’s family name added to the wall, or whether it will be a free option for interested guests.

The recognition is honorary only and does not entitle any guests to any interest in the island or its real estate, rights to the display, or other authority. The display may be removed or cancelled at any time.

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