Oceania Cruises’ newest cruise ship, Vista, has received a perfect score of 100 during its U.S.P.H. (United States Public Health) inspection.

Photo courtesy of Oceania Cruises

The inspection, which was carried out by the CDC on September 20, 2023, while the ship was docked in Boston, Massachusetts, covers a variety of sanitation standards, including drinking water systems, swimming pools, and food preparation areas.

The cruise line is celebrating its perfect 100 score that required perfection on 44 items on the U.S.P.H. checklist.

These surprise inspections are unannounced and require cruise ships with international itineraries with calls to the U.S. to keep sanitation a top priority at all times. They are carried out twice a year in accordance with the VSP (Vessel Sanitation Program) and take 6-8 hours to complete, depending on the size of the ship.

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President of Oceania Cruises, Frank A. Del Rio, praised the hard work of the crew on Vista, saying,

“We couldn’t be prouder to achieve a perfect 100 in the United States Public Health inspection for our luxurious new ship, Vista.  Everyone on board works hard each and every day to ensure the highest of standards are reached. A score of 100 carries considerable magnitude, and we applaud the entire crew and officers aboard Vista for this stellar achievement.”

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I cannot thank my team enough for their dedication, commitment and for going the hard yards to ensure that this beautiful vessel of ours is acknowledged for being one of the cleanest ships in the fleet,” Vista’s Captain Luca Manzi also added.

Vista was on her 3rd day of an 11-day cruise to Canada/New England when the inspection took place.

The ship was not the first in the fleet to earn a perfect score this yearRiviera and Regatta also notched a perfect 100 sanitation score in March and June of 2023.

About Vista

Vista is an Allura-class vessel with Oceania, with another ship in the class, Allura, scheduled to be launched in 2025.  As the newest in the fleet, the 67,817 gross ton cruise ship was built this year and has 612 cabins and 15 decks.  There are over 800 crew on board and the ship can carry anywhere from 1,200 to 1,400 passengers.

What aspects of the ship were inspected?

The Vessel Sanitation Program inspects 8 major areas of the ship that include:

Medical facilities
Potable water systems
Swimming pools and whirlpool spas
Galleys and dining rooms
Child activity centers
Hotel Accommodations (Staterooms)
Ventilation systems
Common areas of the ship

Who pays for these inspections?

Cruise lines pay an inspection fee for these services and the cost is based on the size of the vessel.  For Oceania’s Vista, at 67,000 in gross tonnage, the cost would have been $11,960.

To look at other cruise ship inspection reports you can look at the CDC’s website where you can search for vessels with either a “satisfactory” or “not satisfactory” score, above or below 86.

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