AIDA Cruises is introducing new, simplified internet packages and offering significant discounts for guests who pre-book the package of their choice. Discounts also apply when internet use is booked for an entire lengthy voyage, a useful and convenient option for guests who may work online while at sea.

German line AIDA Cruises is continuing to roll out Starlink access to their entire fleet, and in doing so, is also introducing new, simplified internet packages for travelers.

Guests interested in internet access onboard any of AIDA Cruises’ 12 ships will soon be able to choose from four different internet packages, each with different features and speeds to suit different internet needs. Beginning in October 2023, the new packages will be:

Onboard Chat – Keep in touch with family and friends onboard by chatting through the new AIDA app.
Social Media Flat – Access the most popular social media platforms for posts, shares, and messaging (no live calls).
Internet Flat – Be able to use social media, email, and surf the web with ease.
Premium Internet Flat – Fastest possible web surfing, email, and social media with prioritized connections through VPN.

AIDA Cruises Internet

All four packages include unlimited data and are priced at a flat rate, ensuring guests can upload photos and videos without worry about bandwidth usage.

“We want our guests, employees and staff to feel at home on board our AIDA ships,” said Frank Bönsch, Vice President Guest Commerce for AIDA Cruises. “Whether chatting, posting or working – with the new, simple offers, people are guaranteed to find the right rate for them.”

Many different cruise lines offer similar package deals, depending on guests’ usage needs and internet preferences. These new, simplified packages from AIDA Cruises are available to book from August 10, 2023, for voyages setting sail in October 2023 or later.

AIDA Cruises is offering significant discounts for guests willing to book packages for their entire voyages. When pre-booking a full voyage package, a 20% discount will apply, which can be a great savings for longer voyages. Further attractive discounts are available for guests on voyages of 41 days or longer if they pre-book for the entire sailing or respective segments.

AIDAperla Cruise Ship (Photo Credit: A. Kiro / Shutterstock)

If guests aren’t interested in booking internet access for an entire voyage, the Internet Flat and Premium Internet Flat packages can also be booked by the day, though daily rates will not offer the same discounts as full-voyage pricing.

The Onboard Chat and Social Media Flat packages may only be booked for full cruises and will not offer daily pricing options.

Exact rates for the different packages have not yet been announced. Pricing is likely to vary on different vessels depending on the cruise length, overall ship capacity, and itinerary. The Onboard Chat option will be the lowest price, with rates increasing for more extensive services.

Onboard crew members will receive social media services always free of charge, allowing them unlimited contact with friends and loved ones no matter where in the world their cruise contracts may take them.

The new packages, higher speeds, and greater bandwidth availability are thanks to SpaceX’s innovative Starlink service, which is currently being rolled out to the AIDA Cruises fleet.

The addition of Starlink to AIDA ships began in December 2022 in conjunction with sister operator Carnival Cruise Line. Both cruise lines are under the parent company Carnival Corporation, and are the first two cruise lines of the corporation to receive Starlink internet access.

While the AIDA Cruises rollout was expected to be finished by late 2023, the cruise line announced earlier that the installation has gone faster than expected, and all ships will be fully equipped by October.

“Our project team has already equipped three ships in the AIDA fleet with Starlink antennas and the field test has been very convincing,” said Steffi Heinicke, Senior Vice President of Guest Experience, of the faster rollout.

AIDAbluAIDAbella, and AIDAstella were the first vessels equipped, and the rest of the AIDA Cruises fleet will quickly follow.

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Onboard crew members are also benefitting from the upgraded internet, not just by keeping in touch with family and friends, but by greater connectivity for onboard communication. This permits better crew cooperation and communication among team members coordinating activities, updating schedules, and otherwise keeping ship operations more efficient.

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