A new cruise line has introduced an unlimited cruising pass where you can cruise for the rest of your life for a one-time fee.

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Villa Vie Residences, a new cruise line that will offer continuous three and a half year world cruises, has added a “Endless Horizon Program” where you can cruise for life.

The Endless Horizon Program costs $299,000 for solo travelers and $499,000 for a double occupancy cabin. The cabin will a guaranteed ocean view stateroom on Odyssey, the cruise line’s first ship that is currently under renovation.

Mikael Petterson, Chief Executive Officer of Villa Vie Residences, gave the following statement about this new lifetime cruise pass:

“Our goal is to offer a seamless solution for those looking to retire on a fixed budget to never worry about ongoing expenses again. This is more than just a travel opportunity; it’s a new way of life. For less than the price of an average home, you can secure a lifetime of experiences.”

Retire into a life of adventure and cultural immersion, with everything included from meals and accommodations to community and wellness activities.

Kathy Villalba, Chief Operating Officer of Villa Vie Residences, said:

“One aspect most people nearing retirement age are concerned about is ongoing living expenses and the possibility of outliving their savings. This program eliminates that concern altogether while offering the ultimate dream: exploring every corner of the world by sea.”

Villa Vie Residences is scheduled to debut on May 30, 2024. Odyssey will visit all seven continents and make its way around the world every three and a half years.

It will visit more than 425 ports in 147 countries every 1,000 days spending several days in many ports.

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