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The dining experience on a cruise ship is one of the biggest reasons regular cruisers love to book a vacation at sea.

In fact, a few months ago we ran a poll to see what factors mattered most when booking a cruise, and “food” was listed as one of the main reasons a certain cruise line or ship was selected.

Over the course of my 40+ cruises in the past I’m still amazed at the food quality and selection on almost every cruise I take.  Some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life was on a cruise ship!

But not every food item on a cruise ship was held with the same regard when we took this question to our audience.

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We recently asked our readers on Facebook, “What is one food you will not eat when on a cruise?”.

After reading through and sorting over 600 comments, these are the most mentioned answers to that question.

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Final Thoughts

This is a very subjective topic, so take this list with a grain of salt — or a whole saltshaker if you have to.

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Being on a cruise is all about trying new things, and that includes new foods.  You may find you actually like frog legs, escargot, or sushi.

Don’t let someone else’s food phobia steal your opportunity to give your pallet an enjoyable experience.

You don’t have to like everything, right?  You can always find some incredibly tasty food on a cruise ship, and there’s more than enough to keep you full and happy.

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