Starting in October 2023, Celebrity Cruises will implement several key changes to its All-In packages, offering a range of amenities that will impact how guests plan and experience their vacations. 

Previously, the All-In package was an amalgamation of cruise fare and certain amenities. The new changes to the packages will mean significant savings per person if purchased before the cruise, compared to the onboard prices.

Celebrity Cruises will be implementing several changes to its all-included packages, the cruise line announced on August 29. This news follows our recent report on the cruise line making some cutbacks for AquaClass.

Effective October 4, 2023, newly purchased All-In packages will include Classic Drinks and Basic Wi-Fi for every guest in the stateroom. The changes mean a positive difference for guests who book a cruise, receiving more options and amenities than under the old structure.

For those looking to indulge in a more premium experience, The Retreat staterooms have their own upgrades. New bookings in The Retreat, made after the October 4 threshold, will now offer Premium Drinks, Premium Wi-Fi, and exclusive The Retreat amenity access to all guests in the stateroom.

Celebrity Beyond Stateroom (Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz / Cruise Hive)

AquaClass staterooms are included in this revamp. Starting October 4, those booking AquaClass rooms will have two options: the All-Included rate or a No Perk rate.

The All-Included rate offers the Classic Drinks and Basic Wi-Fi package, similar to other staterooms. On the other hand, the No Perk rate allows guests to customize their cruise experience à la carte, adding amenities as they see fit.

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Celebrity Cruises said it expects guests to be able to make savings of between $200-$800 compared to booking the different amenities during their cruise. That’s besides what the changes to the new All-Inclusive packages mean for how gratuities are handled after October 4.

The new packages are only available for bookings sailing on or after October 4, and will not be available for those guests with existing bookings sailing before October 2023.

The Classic Beverage Package gives guests a broad range of standard liquors, cocktails, beers, and wines priced under $10 on the onboard menu. The package also includes specialty coffees, basic bottled water, and juices.

Celebrity Ascent Drinks

The Premium Beverage Package gives guests access to a wide range of premium brands of liquors, cocktails, beers, and wines, all listed under $17 on the onboard menu. Beyond alcohol, this package also includes premium bottled water and smoothies, specialty coffees, and juices. 

Guests can upgrade from the Classic Drinks package to the premium package for $20 per day, including gratuities.

Group bookings will also see a shift in what’s offered. Starting from the same October date, newly formed groups will be eligible for the updated All-Included package, featuring Classic Drinks and Basic Wi-Fi. Existing groups have until October 31, 2023, to lock in the original three amenities (Drinks, Wi-Fi, and gratuities).

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Celebrity Cruises has also clarified that the All-In packages are available on all sailings, excluding those to the Galapagos. The cruise line also established a static exchange rate for each per-day price, shielding guests from potential currency fluctuations. It’s important to know that the cruise line still charges gratuities separately.

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