First All-Vegan Menu Among Thanksgiving Meal Offerings

Carnival chefs are cooking up the largest Thanksgiving meal in the cruise line’s 51-year history, as they expect to serve more than 48,000 pounds of turkey this year – a 14 percent increase over last year. And for guests who prefer a vegan option, Carnival is offering a special menu with all-plant-based protein for the first time this year as well.

The popularity of sailing during the holiday season means more than 110,000 Thanksgiving meals will be served and enjoyed aboard Carnival ships this year, inclusive of all guests and team members. Carnival chefs are gearing up to serve the following across the cruise line’s U.S. fleet:

Carnival Thanksgiving by the Numbers

Turkey: 48,000 pounds
Turkey Gravy: 600+ gallons
Turkey Stuffing: 6,600+ pounds
Cranberry Sauce: 2,200+ pounds
Pumpkin Pie: 20,900+ portions
Pecan Pie: 24,800+ portions

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