Cruise directors are the face of fun aboard Carnival cruise ships, and having the Carnival cruise director schedule can help travelers plan which ships to book to enjoy their favorite Fun Squad leaders. This updated schedule is the ultimate tool in knowing which particular cruise director is assigned to which ship in the coming months.

Do note that schedules can change as operational needs change and different cruise directors may move to different positions in their careers, while gaps in the listed dates may indicate dry dock plans or currently unassigned roles.

The list below (alphabetical by ship) will be updated as such changes are confirmed, so check back often to see where your favorite Carnival cruise directors are sailing. Where individual names are linked, you can get to know the cruise director through their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram (not every cruise director has a public account).

Lawrence West, Keegan Van Zyl, and Felipe Serrina Do Couto will bring the fun to Carnival Breeze in the coming months. West began leading the Fun Squad on January 11 but will sign off in mid-April when Van Zyl takes over for two months. Serrina do Couto will take the helm in mid-June through mid-November unless the schedule changes.

Carnival Breeze Cruise Directors

Lawrence West – 1/11/2024 to 4/18/2024
Keegan Van Zyl – 4/13/2024 to 6/22/2024
Felipe Serrina do Couto – 6/17/2024 to 11/14/2024

The Carnival cruise ship is the youngest of the Dream-class vessels, and the 128,000-gross-ton ship can welcome 3,690 guests per sailing.

One of Carnival’s most popular cruise directors, Lee Mason, is rocking the boat on Carnival Celebration, having joined the ship this month. He’ll remain in charge of the Fun Squad crew through early July, joined in the last week by Leon Smith.  In mid-November, popular CD Marty Pitts will sign on Carnival Celebration to lead the most celebratory time of year, remaining onboard through the holidays and into March 2025.

Celebration Cruise Directors

Lee Mason – 3/10/2024 to 7/7/2024
Leon Smith – 6/30/2024 to 11/24/2024
Marty Pitts – 11/17/2024 to 3/9/2025

Carnival Celebration is celebratory indeed, with unique tributes to the cruise line’s more than 50 years of history onboard, including the Golden Jubilee bar and lounge.

To conquer the fun aboard Carnival Conquest, Stjepan Neral joined the ship in mid-February and will lead the team through the busy spring break season. Savannah Mitchell will take over in mid-May for a five-month contract through the summer. The ship’s cruise director for fall has not yet been assigned, but Mitchell will return in early December for the holiday sailings.

Carnival Conquest Cruise Directors

Stjepan Neral – 2/16/2024 to 5/17/2024
Savannah Mitchell – 5/10/2024 to 10/4/2024
Savannah Mitchell – 12/2/2024 to 2/3/2025

The lead ship of the popular Conquest class, the 110,000-gross-ton ship can welcome 2,980 guests aboard and is also home to 1,150 crew members.

Three different cruise directors are set to make dreams come true aboard Carnival Dream. Andrew Mercer is currently leading the Fun Squad through mid-June, when Lawrence West will come aboard for the first of two Carnival Dream contracts this year. Frankie Portera will give West a break from mid-August to mid-October.

Carnival Dream Cruise Directors

Andrew Mercer – 2/10/2024 to 6/23/2024
Lawrence West – 6/15/2024 to 8/18/2024
Frankie Portera – 8/13/2024 to 10/13/2024
Lawrence West – 10/13/2024 to 2/22/2025

The 128,000-gross-ton Carnival Dream debuted in 2009 as the largest ship in the fleet at the time, offering dreamy vacations to 3,646 passengers on each sailing.

Guests will be elated with a fun lineup of cruise directors for Carnival Elation. Zackary Paiement-Dockrill came aboard in mid-January and will remain in charge until mid-April, followed by Gabriel Coppolla for a quick month of fun before Paiement-Dockrill returns for the summer season. In August, Austin Morris will sign on to lead the ship through the rest of 2024.

Carnival Elation Cruise DirectorsZackary Paiement-Dockrill – 1/13/2024 to 4/15/2024
Gabriel Coppolla – 4/11/204 to 5/13/2024
Zackary Paiement-Dockrill – 5/13/2024 to 8/15/2024
Austin Morris – 8/10/2024 to 1/6/2025

Now the oldest ship in the fleet and one of only two Fantasy-class vessels remaining, Carnival Elation offers a more intimate feel than larger ships.

Up first for the fun on the brand new Carnival Firenze will be Joseph Boyes, who has been confirmed for two contracts aboard the ship when she joins the fleet in April. At this time, the complete cruise director schedule for the new ship has not yet been announced.

Carnival Firenze Cruise DirectorsJoseph Boyes – 3/17/2024 to ???
Joseph Boyes – 11/9/2024 to 3/25/2025

Coming to the Carnival fleet after her transformation from Costa Firenze, the renovated and renamed Carnival Firenze will officially welcome guests for the first time with her April 25, 2024 sailing.

The current leading lady aboard Carnival Freedom is the effervescent Erin Weigand until the end of March, when Todd Evans will take the helm. Elizabeth Clough will also have her chance between Evans’ two confirmed contracts aboard the ship this year.

Carnival Freedom Cruise Directors

Erin Weigand – 2/12/2024 to 3/30/2024
Todd Evans – 3/30/2024 to 7/1/2024
Elizabeth Clough – 6/27/2024 to 9/5/2024
Todd Evans – 9/5/2024 to 1/9/2025

The vessel is updated and sailing smoothly after her October 2023 dry dock that finally replaced her whale tale funnel that was damaged in a fire in May 2022.

The Conquest-class vessel will have glorious leadership indeed with both Cam Chavis and Gabriella Gamboa – for her first time as CD – leading the ship, though some of the cruise director schedule for the vessel is still in flux. As schedules are confirmed, the cruise director assignments will be finalized.

Carnival Glory Cruise Directors

Cam Chavis – 1/7/2024 to ???
Gabriella Gamboa – 5/17/2024 to 7/19/2024

The 2,980 guests who can set sail on every Carnival Glory cruise will have glorious getaways with the energetic attention of each cruise director.

Georgia Craig is bringing her colorful fun to Carnival Horizon with two contracts in early and late 2024, while William “Pauly” Munhollon will take over during Craig’s vacation period from early May through mid-July.

Carnival Horizon Cruise Directors

Georgia Craig – 1/28/2024 to 5/11/2024
William “Paully” Munhollon – 5/5/2024 to 7/14/2024
Georgia Craig – 7/14/2024 to 11/23/2024

A Vista-class vessel, the 133,596-gross-ton Carnival Horizon offers Western and Southern Caribbean itineraries from Miami, each one offering great horizons to explore.

Texas native Kyndall Fire is one of the fleet’s most popular cruise directors and the natural choice to lead Carnival Jubilee sailing from the Lone Star State. She will share the honors of leading Carnival’s newest Excel-class vessel with Louis Clare.

Carnival Jubilee Cruise Directors

Louis Clare – 3/11/2024 to 5/4/2024
Kyndall Fire – 5/4/2024 to 9/7/2024
Louis Clare – 9/5/2024 to 11/9/2024
Kyndall Fire – 11/9/2024 to 3/15/2025

The newest ship in the fleet is the new fleet flagship and the largest ever Carnival ship to sail from Galveston, Texas, offering exclusive fun with the Lone Star Tailgate Party, a celebration of Texas culture onboard.

Legendary fun is in store for guests setting sail with Dustin Gabriel, Jake Miller, and Frankie Portera aboard Carnival Legend. The trio of cruise directors will share leadership roles aboard the ship through the end of 2024 and into 2025.

Carnival Legend Cruise Directors

Dustin Gabriel – 1/7/2024 to 4/27/2024
Jake Miller – 5/23/2024 to 11/10/2024
Frankie Portera – 11/8/2024 to 1/12/2025

The 88,500-gross-ton, Spirit-class Carnival Legend offers exceptional vacations with diverse deployments, setting sail in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, and Mexico depending on her sailing date and homeport.

Both Adam Gilbert and Gary Blair offer uniquely fun leadership as cruise directors and will bring great flair and excitement to Carnival Liberty on their contract assignments. The end-of-year CD for the ship has not yet been decided.

Carnival Liberty Cruise Directors

Adam Gilbert – 1/15/2024 to 6/9/2024
Gary Blair – 6/2/2024 to 8/18/2024

A truly beautiful Conquest-class ship, Carnival Liberty was the first in the fleet to offer the Carnival Seaside Theater on the Lido deck, a feature often used by cruise directors for parties, dance contests, and more.

Carnival Luminosa will have several cruise directors this year as different men join the ship with their own leadership styles. Ranier Scholtz just finished a contract, while Tyler Meehan, Marty Pitts, and Zackary Paiement-Dockrill are all on the schedule for the ship in the coming months as she sails in Australia and Alaska.

Luminosa Cruise Directors

Tyler Meehan – 3/17/2024 to 7/25/2024
Marty Pitts – 7/18/2024 to 10/16/2024
Zackary Paiement-Dockrill – 10/12/2024 to 3/13/2025

The first ship transferred to the Carnival fleet from Costa CruisesCarnival Luminosa has a distinctly different vibe but is no less entertaining with the work of her dedicated cruise directors.

It takes a special kind of cruise director to bring the magic to Carnival Magic, and that is just what Jake Miller and Frankie Portera will be doing in the next few months. New assignments are sure to be made for the ship in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for updates.

Carnival Magic Cruise Directors

Jake Miller – 1/13/2024 to 4/6/2024
Frankie Portera – 3/31/2024 to 6/29/2024

Anyone looking for a magical getaway can’t do better than the Dream-class Carnival Magic, offering Eastern, Western, and Southern Caribbean itineraries from Miami.

Two energetic gentlemen lead the fun aboard Mardi Gras, with TJ Partida and Jacky Tang alternating cruise director contracts aboard the ship for all of 2024 and into 2025. Jonathan ‘Cookie’ Adams was originally to take over as the Carnival cruise director, but he decided to leave the cruise line.

Mardi Gras Cruise Directors

TJ Partida – 1/27/2024 to 5/25/2024
Jacky Tang – 5/19/2024 to 7/14/2024
TJ Partida – 7/14/2024 to 10/12/2024
Jacky Tang – 10/12/2024 to 3/8/2025

The first of the Excel-class ships, Mardi Gras also set many other firsts when she debuted in 2021 – the first LNG-powered vessel in the fleet, the new red-white-and-blue livery, the award-winning BOLT roller coaster, and much more.

Three different cruise directors will be making cruise vacation miracles come true aboard Carnival Miracle this year – Felipe Serrina do Couto, Lia Stivers, and Jasper Wade. Which one will be your favorite?

Carnival Miracle Cruise Directors

Felipe Serrina do Couto – 11/25/2023 to 3/26/2024
Lia Stivers – 3/21/2024 to 7/26/2024
Jasper Wade – 7/19/2024 to 10/16/2024

A popular Spirit-class vessel, Carnival Miracle is a guest favorite offering diverse itineraries from various homeports, including Long Beach, San Francisco, Galveston, Dover, Rome, and Tampa in the next two years.

Carnival Panorama has a trio of take-charge cruise directors lined up this year sure to bring the fun to all guests – Christian “Deon” Williams, Ranier Scholtz, and Andrew Mercer – each one with their own distinctive style.

Panorama Cruise Directors

Christian “Deon” Williams – 12/30/2024 to 6/2/2024
Ranier Scholtz – 5/25/2024 to 8/17/2024
Andrew Mercer – 8/10/2024 to 1/11/2025

Back in service after an emergency dry dock that required removal of the ship’s funnel to pass safely under bridges on the Columbia River, Carnival Panorama sails year-round from Long Beach with exciting Mexican Riviera itineraries.

Amber Lynne Celen and John Loney both offer outstanding fun for guests to enjoy, and their leadership ensures everyone sailing aboard Carnival Paradise has a great time on one of the most intimate Carnival ships.

Carnival Paradise Cruise Directors

Amber Lynne Celen – 2/15/2024 to 6/16/2024
John Loney – 6/16/2024 to 8/15/2024
John Loney – 10/14/2024 to 2/8/2025

The last of the Fantasy class ships to be built, Carnival Paradise has been delighting guests since she first set sail in November 1998. She debuted as the world’s first completely non-smoking cruise ship, though that policy was discontinued in 2003.

Every cruise director aboard Carnival Pride takes great pride in delivering exceptional experiences with Jasper Wade and Dustin Gabriel filling that role for much of 2024. End-of-year holiday season assignments for the next cruise director to the ship are yet to be announced.

Carnival Pride Cruise Directors

Jasper Wade – 2/11/2024 to 6/16/2024
Dustin Gabriel – 6/12/2024 to 10/20/2024

The Spirit-class vessel sails from Baltimore and Tampa with destinations in the Caribbean, Panama, the Bahamas, Greenland, and Canada, taking 2,124 guests along on each amazing trip.

It takes a radiant personality to lead the fun aboard Carnival Radiance, and that is just what Michael D’Auria is doing this year. Lia Stivers was scheduled as cruise director for the spring and early summer, but that assignment has been changed and Carnival Radiance does not yet have a confirmed cruise director later in the year.

Carnival Radiance Cruise Directors

Michael D’Auria – 3/11/2024 to 7/15/2024

Formerly Carnival Victory, the ship underwent an extensive, $200 million renovation in 2020 to become Carnival Radiance and now offers Baja Mexico itineraries from her year-round homeport in Long Beach, California.

Cruise directors have to have bold and energetic spirits aboard Carnival Spirit, and that is just what Ricardo Alfonso Betancourt Lopez, Alex Siegler, and William “Paully” Monhollon will offer through their assignments this year.

Carnival Spirit Cruise Directors

Ricardo Alfonso Betancourt Lopez – 2/11/2024 to 3/30/2024
Alex Siegler – 3/30/2024 to 7/30/2024
William “Paully” Monhollon – 8/6/2024 to 10/26/2024
Alex Siegler – 10/26/2024 to 1/30/2025

A very popular ship with Carnival fans and repeat cruisers, the first-in-class Carnival Spirit sails from Mobile, Alabama each winter and repositions to Seattle for the Alaska sailing season each summer.

Simon London is the face of fun for Carnival Splendor, though he will be joined by an as-yet-unassigned cruise director who will offer him a break between contracts in September and October.

Carnival Splendor Cruise Directors

Simon London – 2/28/2024 to 9/18/2024
Simon London – 11/22/2024 to 3/23/2025

The vessel was first planned for Costa Cruises but transferred to Carnival Cruise Line during construction. The 113,300-gross-ton ship sails year-round from Sydney, Australia, with diverse itineraries Down Under.

Cruise directors have to have a triumphant attitude, and that’s just what the all-star lineup for Carnival Sunrise offers. Leon Smith and Gabriel Coppolla will both offer their own fantastic fun onboard the ship this year, with other assignments yet to come to cover the end of the summer season.

Carnival Sunrise Cruise Directors

Leon Smith – 2/22/2024 to 5/23/2024
Gabriel Coppolla – 5/15/2024 to 8/10/2024
Gabriel Coppolla – 9/30/2024 to 1/11/2025

Previously Carnival Triumph before an extensive $200 million refurbishment in 2019Carnival Sunrise now sails from Miami, offering cruises to the Bahamas and Western Caribbean destinations.

The cruise directors on Carnival Sunshine all bring a bright light of fun and excitement every guest can enjoy. Elizabeth Clough, James Love, and Adam Gilbert will all lead the way aboard the ship in 2024.

Carnival Sunshine Cruise Directors

Elizabeth Clough – 2/8/2024 to 4/13/2024
James Love – 4/13/2024 to 8/12/2024
Adam Gilbert – 8/8/2024 to 10/12/2024
James Love – 10/12/2024 to 3/16/2025

Formerly Carnival Destiny, this ship was the first to be extensively refit to lead the new Sunshine class of vessels and now offers sailings from Charleston, South Carolina and Norfolk, Virginia.

Austin Morris and John Loney are up next to lead Carnival Valor. Louis Clare was originally assigned to the ship through November, but that assignment has been shortened and no new cruise director has yet been assigned past early September.

Carnival Valor Cruise Directors

Austin Morris – 1/4/2024 to 4/20/2024
John Loney – 4/15/2024 to 6/10/2024
Louis Clare – 6/6/2024 to 9/2/2024

Part of the Conquest class of ships, Carnival Valor can welcome 2,980 guests onboard at once, with nearly 1,200 international crew members to ensure everyone has a great time.

The distinct Italian vibes of Carnival Venezia will also enjoy the distinct flair of three of the cruise line’s most popular cruise directors through 2024, with Jacky Tang, Marq Anthony, and Lee Mason all assigned to the ship.

Venezia Cruise Directors

Jacky Tang – 3/3/2024 to 5/6/2024
Marq Anthony – 5/6/2024 to 9/7/2024
Lee Mason – 8/31/2024 to 1/12/2025

Carnival Venezia originally belonged to Costa Cruises but was transferred to offer “Carnival Fun, Italian Style” with distinctive touches of Italy, including an exclusive Venetian mask party onboard every sailing.

It takes true vision to lead the fun on Carnival Vista, and three amazing cruise directors will do just that over the next few months—Marty Pitts, Gary Blair, and Marq Anthony—each bringing unforgettable style to the ship. The ship’s CD schedule does have some gaps and overlaps, however, and updates will undoubtedly be made.

Carnival Vista Cruise Directors

Marty Pitts – 1/31/2024 to 6/15/2024
Gary Blair – 5/18/2024 to 6/1/2024
Marq Anthony – 11/2/2024 to 3/8/2025

The first of the 133,600-gross-ton, Vista-class ships, Carnival Vista sails year-round from the world’s busiest cruise port, Port Canaveral, offering a variety of top Caribbean itineraries.

Carnival Cruise Line employs approximately 30-40 cruise directors, though schedules and assignments are fluid and not every cruise director may be under contract at the same time.

Contracts vary from just a few weeks to several months, though even in those time periods an individual cruise director may move from one ship to another, depending on operational needs and available assignments.

The dates for each cruise director indicate the beginning and end of a specific ship contract (??? indicates an unknown end date), with multiple entries listed for different individual contracts.

Two Carnival Cruise Ships (Photo Credit: Gianfranco Vivi)

Dates occasionally overlap for multiple cruise directors as assignments change. This extra time is when the new cruise director will meet their team, familiarize themselves with the vessel, and prepare for a smooth transition from one leader to the next so all guests have the very best onboard experience.

Individual cruise directors often remain aboard the same ship for several weeks or months at a time, allowing them to develop a truly unique personality for that vessel and to work seamlessly with their Fun Squad team.

Cruise directors with greater seniority may request specific ships or homeports as they prefer, though assignments are always subject to the operational needs of the overall fleet.

Carnival Cruise Line changes the cruise director schedule nearly every week as different contracts are adjusted and ship deployments and dry dock schedules change.

Crew members can come and go with different commitments or promotions, which can also impact which cruise director is assigned to which ship for different time periods.

Cruise Hive is committed to providing the most accurate, updated information to all readers, and will update this list regularly with new information. Check back to keep track on all your favorite cruise directors and to learn who will be the face of fun on your next Carnival cruise.

The cruise director is one of the most visible members of a ship’s crew. He or she is the “face” of fun for Carnival Cruise Line’s Fun Squad—the crew members who host trivia contests, lead deck parties, judge contests, and share other fun with every guest.

Cruise directors are leaders of the activities staff and coordinate closely with the entertainment staff to provide amazing fun for everyone aboard, no matter what the time of year, specific cruise itinerary, or any challenging circumstances.

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Photo Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line

Cruise directors often introduce the evening’s entertainment or production shows, host question-and-answer sessions, make onboard announcements, greet embarking passengers, and more.

Behind-the-scenes duties such as planning daily activities schedules, balancing the schedules of crew members under their leadership, and ensuring the Fun Squad is fully equipped with games, prizes, and equipment is also part of the cruise director’s job.

Carnival Cruise Line also has a unique role in its leadership team, the Fleet Cruise Director position. This is an experienced and charismatic individual who helps train other cruise directors and develops new activities that can be used fleet-wide. Carnival’s first Fleet Cruise Director was Mike Pack, who was promoted to the leadership role in early 2022, along with Chris “Donkey” Salazar who assumed the role in early 2023.

Chris “The Flying Scotsman” Williams was promoted as the third Fleet Cruise Director in November 2023, while Erin Weigand was promoted as the fourth to the position in February 2024.

It is possible that additional active cruise directors will also be promoted into the new leadership position in the future, at which time they will no longer have individual assignments on specific ships, but will operate from Carnival Cruise Line’s shoreside offices to support all cruise directors on the line’s 27 vessels.

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