Fast internet speeds on a cruise ship used to be a pipe dream.  A reliable internet connection of any kind was a difficult problem to solve on a moving vessel, hundreds of miles from land.

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Carnival Corp has rolled out Starlink internet to every ship in the fleet. Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

But in a recent press release, Carnival Corporation & plc has announced that 100% of their ships are now equipped with Starlink internet.

This includes over 90 cruise vessels under the cruise brand which include:

Carnival Cruise Line
Princess Cruises
Holland America Line
Costa Cruises
AIDA Cruises
P&O Cruises (Australia and UK)
Cunard Line
Seabourn Cruise Line

The installation of Starlink internet on all its ships benefits both passengers and crew. 

Passengers will be able to have access to reliable speeds, fast enough to upload videos and engage in video meetings, while ship operations and communication between crew members will be helped by the new technology on board.

According to the press release, Carnival has boosted its onboard bandwidth by 400% since 2019.

CEO of Carnival, Josh Weinsten, stated that the new technology has led to a better experience for passengers.

Starlink has been a game-changer for the onboard connectivity experience our cruise lines deliver to their guests, and we’ve already seen a surge in guest satisfaction and positive feedback from the super-fast and reliable Wi-Fi service we provide onboard,” Weinstein stated. “We see this technology as a win-win-win – it provides our guests with more flexibility to stay as connected as they’d like on vacation, it allows our crew to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, and it enhances our onboard operational systems.”

Starlink was first introduced to Carnival Cruise Line in late 2022, and has been rolled out to the rest of the fleet after the initial success and satisfaction of Starlink’s capabilities. 

Just how fast is Starlink internet on a cruise ship?

While speeds may vary for a variety of reasons, Starlink’s website states that download speeds can range from 40 Mbps to 200+ Mbps.  Upload speeds can range from 8 Mbps to 25 Mbps.

Even with Starlink’s high-speed internet, several factors can affect your Wi-Fi experience on a cruise ship:

Number of other passengers online: The more people using the network, the slower it can get.
Your stateroom location: Further from the Starlink terminals might mean a weaker signal.  
Area of the ship: Thick steel walls and strong materials on a ship can limit a device from getting a strong connection.
Rough weather: Heavy rain or storms can temporarily slow down internet speeds.
Remote locations: Starlink coverage might be weaker in certain areas.
Older devices or background apps: Your device’s capabilities and how you use it can impact your speed.

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